A Fluffy Tale

A Fluffy Tale Julian has a furry ball of trouble to deal with A tall dark stranger may provide the solution but maybe the complications are than he can handle A Fluffy Tale will appeal to lovers of m m mromance an

  • Title: A Fluffy Tale
  • Author: Ann Somerville
  • ISBN: 2940011087462
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Nook
  • Julian has a furry ball of trouble to deal with A tall, dark stranger may provide the solution but maybe the complications are than he can handle A Fluffy Tale will appeal to lovers of m m mromance and small cute ferret shaped mammals alike.

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    1. I read this free on the site and actually made it into my own epub, because I loved it so much (I did tell the author and send her a copy). I'm so pleased I can finally buy it! Apart from the Darshian Tales, this is my favourite Ann Somerville story so far. It's also the least overtly sf/fantastic of the books I've read by her yet.Although it has one of the cutest animal-sidekick ideas I've ever found (ferret-like kems), the book is concerned much more with how people deal with pet care, health [...]

    2. Pyon, Julian's kem has always been a bit of a handful. He is overactive, over inquisitive, overdue for a talking to. Julian never thought that he might be at the root of Pyon's erratic behavior, but after the rude (but seriously smoking) new guy at his company shames Julian for not taking care of himself--and thereby not taking care of Pyon--Julian thinks that maybe Zachary The Asshole, might have something. At least it is worth a try.And Julian does see improvement in Pyon. But when he goes to [...]

    3. I finished reading A Fluffy Tale, and really enjoyed it. I gave it 4.5 stars, just stopping at a five star rating because the romantic relationship between the two MCs takes 85% of the book to get to and then the plot ends so abruptly--at least to my mind. I thoroughly enjoyed the theme of enemies to friends, and the pets (symbiotic ferret-like creatures called kems that each person automatically owns) play a direct, active role in the movement of the plot as well as the romantic relationship of [...]

    4. Originally reviewed at my blogThis is one of those off-beat books. You know the one with a different animal, parallel world or something along the similar lines. The author is amazing in creating a new concept or a new world where you end up immersing yourself so much that it takes some time to realize that, that was an imaginary world and not a realistic one. I had reviewed one of her books here and this one was amazing too (although a bit short and sweeter than the previous one). Julian has a [...]

    5. Light on romance, but an irresistible story nonethelessWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 9/10PROS: - There’s a single fantasy element in this story that is otherwise realistic, and that one fantasy element is clever and creative and utterly delightful. Within about 10 pages, I was already beginning to fall in love with Julian’s kem, Pyon, while wondering at the same time exactly what a kem is (and why Julian was taking his with him to a bakery). I [...]

    6. This was a great story and much more than I expected. I loved the characters and their kems. I loved how Zachary slowly came out of his shell and how supportive Julian was, once he grasped what the issue was. There were no quick fixes or easy answers but it was a sweet story with a lot of growth on the part of the characters. I also liked how the kems grew with their owners, so as Julian became calmer and healthier so did his kem. I loved the little mischief makers and their gentle scheming. Thi [...]

    7. The title of this novel might be "A Fluffy Tale", and true enough, there's a lot of cuteness going on, but it has enough depth to make a lasting impression on me. It's also original enough to stand out of the crowd.The animal companions, ferret like creatures, are the only fantastical element in this story. Otherwise it's about finding trust, friendship and ultimately love.

    8. Only thing I can really say about this one is that it was BORING. There was absolutely nothing happening in the book, there was no romance until the last third or so and even that didn't really get any spark into the book.The kems were cute but they only got the book so far. And maybe the third star as I was very close just quitting the whole thing.

    9. So no sex scene. (Well there's something about admiring Julian's cock but I skimmed it anyway because I'm not interested.)But that's understandable. Zachery hasn't reached his puberty yet, I can't imagine him having sex with anyone.Julian should consider changing his job from legal assistant to child care worker.Uncle Leo is adorable.All the Kems are super cute.

    10. I first did not get what a kem was then I sort of got and loved it. What a great concept! I would love to have my own Kem. But the best part was how the relationship developed between Julian and Zachary as well as Leo/Kem tag team whom took the cake as the best and cutest cupids ever.

    11. Rating: 4 starsThis book was a very slow burn. Both MCs were a bit unlikeable at the beginning. Julian was easy to warm up to early on. Zachary on the other hand was a bit harder to like. He was so prickly and obnoxious in the beginning, but you couldn’t help but feel for him when you found out why he was that way. I really enjoyed this story. I loved the build up to the romance. My only complaint was the lack of explanation for the kems. I thought they were wonderful, but I wanted to know whe [...]

    12. OverallThe blurb for this story doesn't do it justice. Here we are introduced to Julian and Mr. Talk, Dark and Grumpy. I was also under the impression this was a short story (I missed the word count and the use of the word "Tale" in the title made me think short story for some reason). Still, I trusted the author and the blurb enchanted me enough to give it a try.I enjoyed this story, although it felt like two parts of one story as the first half "fixes" Julian and the second half "fixes" Zachar [...]

    13. This one was more of a m/m contemporary than anything paranormal. The only paranormal aspect was that this world was a bit like golden compass where everyone has a 'kem' a little ferret looking creature who can disappear inside a person and no one really knows why or how they came to be.The story was cute, I thought Zachary's character transformed a bit too quickly and the love was weird considering on their first official outing not even date he gets hit by a car and the remainder of their roma [...]

    14. It's not the typical story, that I'm used to from Anne Sommeville, but still good.What I liked was the whole enemies to lovers dynamic. Zachary and Julien, took time and effort to overcome their differences and the aspects they disliked each other.Well written like all other of this author's work, this one did turn out to be a bit to sugary at the end, I've missed the suspense and drama of her later work.I loved the kems, they reminded me a bit of the Daemons from the Golden Compass book, with t [...]

    15. The premise behind this story is that everyone has a kem, a ferret-like animal which is more like a witch's familiar than a pet, but without the magic part. The story itself is a cute love story between a repressed lawyer and a free-spirit assistant. When the lawyer is hurt in an accident the assistant steps up to take care of him and also assists the lawyer's elderly uncle who flies in after the accident.I was very surprised at first when the kem dematerialized on the second page. Is this scien [...]

    16. This was adorable. So damn adorable. Despite all of the comma errors, I still really liked it.I agree with Emma. I want a kem >_<I wanted some more on-screen sex, though. I mean, for such a slow burn, I feel like we deserved to finally get something for our efforts. But alas. It was minimal.Zach reminded me of Calhoun from Wreck-it-Ralph:"She was programmed with the most tragic backstory"Justeverything about him made me think that. It even had the serious-joking sort of manner about it.

    17. This book wasn't what I was expecting at all it was a wonderful surprise it is hard to review tho' I don't know why I loved it as much as I did Zachary was a difficult character to like but, despite his flaws, I did want him to get his HEA this is an extremely slow-building romance but eminently satisfying I will be reading the sequel too this is a character-driven romance so read with patience and you'll be rewarded.

    18. I'm normally a fan of Somerville, but this one was different than the stories I've read from her. In all honesty it just wasn't my cup of tea. The warning was in the title: fluffy. As cute as the kems were, I just couldn't hang with how fluffy and sweet the romance was. Which is not to say this is a typical fluff story with sap and tears, and such, as offered by other, less-talented, authors. This was a slow and sweet story, so if you like that kind of story, definitely pick this one up.

    19. I loved how the symbiotic creatures were really a mirror of a character's needs and feelings. Although they could be depicted as fun, fluffy add-ons, their role is integral to both plot and the character arc. Perhaps over and beyond what the characters recognised and admitted themselves, but the author "showed".

    20. I loved the characters here. The are in-depth and flawed which is what makes them so lovable. The plot is a new twist that I adored. However with all the angst I felt that the ending was too quickly resolved. However I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good book coming off a hard read.

    21. Cute, sweet story about love that is slow to blossom. Excellently written, and for an alt-Earth story nothing felt forced, but on the contrary, completely real and reasonable. I wish I had a kem.This was a lovely refresher after some heavier D/s and torture fics.

    22. A light-hearted and cute story Makes me want to have my own kem!A good m/m book for readers who want some light romance without any sexual interaction and who likes some kemmish. cough no, I mean some "mischief" entertainment.

    23. Lovely, lovely story. So sweet and yet so different to the norm. I couldn't put it down and I'm very much looking forward to reading the next one.

    24. How would you change your life there was a cute fluffy symbiont to care for who thrived on your health and happiness?

    25. Thoroughly charming & original twist - Kems are awesome!! I wish the story had extended a bit further but still really enjoyed.

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