Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort Sometimes the truth is a little too close for comfort DS Wendy Knight is Mildenheath CID s newest murder squad recruit In trying to solve the murder of Ella Barrington a known prostitute Wendy comes

  • Title: Too Close For Comfort
  • Author: Adam Croft
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes the truth is a little too close for comfort DS Wendy Knight is Mildenheath CID s newest murder squad recruit In trying to solve the murder of Ella Barrington, a known prostitute, Wendy comes to realise that she has a serial killer on her hands As the murder investigation continues, Wendy begins to suspect that her new love interest, Robert Ludford, may haveSometimes the truth is a little too close for comfort DS Wendy Knight is Mildenheath CID s newest murder squad recruit In trying to solve the murder of Ella Barrington, a known prostitute, Wendy comes to realise that she has a serial killer on her hands As the murder investigation continues, Wendy begins to suspect that her new love interest, Robert Ludford, may have than a passing interest in the murders in Mildenheath The complete truth, however, is a little too close for comfort

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    1. Nice,quick police proceduralThis is a good story, with good police characters and an interesting twist in a serial murder mystery. A quick read that wraps everything up nicely.

    2. Knight and Culverhouse are a nice pair. There's humour. And there's a serial killer to be caught.No descriptions. But a decent story.

    3. This is the first book in a British series featuring DS Wendy Knight and her superior DCI Culverhouse from Mildenheath CID. They are chasing a serial killer who is targeting prostitutes. I needed a short audiobook that I could finish in one day prior to the weekend. At 144 pages on Kindle / 3hrs audio this fitted the bill. Because this is a very short story, you don't get an intricate mystery/police procedural or anything in the way of character development, but that was ok. From reading other r [...]

    4. Having not long read another of this authors books which I really enjoyed I thought I would try this one.Too Close For Comfort is the first book in the Knight & Culverhouse series. At 144 pages on the kindle, it felt more like a novella than an actual novel.The storyline of murdered prostitutes is one that had my interest and I wanted to know as much as the police who was behind the murders.Knight and Culverhouse have quite a strange relationship. I couldn't quite work out if they really lik [...]

    5. This was a free book on Kindle and looked interesting. Unfortunately, I did not like the writing style, the characters or the story. The writing style seemed awkward, especially any conversation. Culverhouse comes across as stupid - how could someone rise to that rank and be surprised to learn that you can tell if the killer is right-handed by the direction of the cut across the neck? His speech is obnoxious, sexist, full of cliche and completely inappropriate in a modern workplace. He even tell [...]

    6. To the author's credit, this short British police procedural novel was pretty readable and fairly enjoyable, which isn't always the case with (as this was) free-to-download novels I have on occasion read due to not having a paperback in my bag at the time. The story concerns the killing of a number of prostitutes in a short period, and the investigation of the crime by a grumpy un-PC male detective and his independent but flawed female colleague. If this sounds pretty typical, it very much was - [...]

    7. Short but not punchy . Just got my e-reader but before I really get going I feel I have to catch up by reviewing a whole lot of books that I read in the last few months, before I forget them all. Good thing this one is only a very short read. It’s not memorable. It’s very slight in both length and quality. There’s only a mediocre understanding of cop practice and procedure here, and that is probably derived from too much television. There are just too many glib moments. Real cops would pro [...]

    8. This was a book with potential, and if the ending didn't feel quite so rushed it might have lived up to it. Although there was no real period that it was set in, the behaviour, mannerisms and dialogue made it feel like something from the 80s. In parts it read a bit too much like a TV police drama from that time, but there was some added humour. The characterisations did feel a little cliched, but with a short book something somewhere has to give. A quick but enjoyable read, although for non nati [...]

    9. Once again, Nigel Patterson, did a great job with the narration. He is very easy to listen to and has a clear and concise voice. Now the story, this is my second book by this author and again, I find myself disappointed. The story felt very rushed and the characters were just there, they didn't appeal to me, nor did I find they developed at all. I knew who the murderer was pretty quickly as well.

    10. Dreadful! I simply can't find a single positive thing to say about this book Oh yeah, it was short! Has to be one of the most unbelievable books I've ever read, it was factually incorrect on a number of occasions, the dialogue was horrendous, the plot was laughable and characters were 2 dimensional at best.

    11. A police detective is trying to help discover who their city’s serial killer is. It was a good story until the murderer was revealed; nothing in the book lead up to that point. It seemed like the ending was forced.

    12. This was a quick fun read. Little bit different twist to your standard murder mystery fare but a lot of fun. At least in this British based story you didn't have to suffer through a lot British slang.

    13. This was extremely boring and found the writing style very short and curt. I read this within 3 hours and felt it has good potential but just needed more content.

    14. This book was a fast-paced mystery/thriller that I poured through in a single afternoon. The book got straight into the case from the start, and took you along for the investigation. There was a little bit about the detectives personal lives thrown in, just enough to build the characters but not so much that it ever really let up on the main focus, solving the case. I never put spoiler in my reviews but it has a good twist at the end. It made for an enjoyable afternoon's reading and left me look [...]

    15. Case of the Dead Prostitutes!Detective Chief Inspector Culverhouse and Wendy Knight go on the hunt for the perpetrator who is killing prostitutes! I was utterly shocked to learn just who the real killer was Keep in mind the clues led Wendy to believe that she was sleeping with the enemy Was she really??? I'm sorry, you are going to have to read the book for yourself! You will not be disappointed and it's a quick read!

    16. Very entertainingWow! I love these little stories that say so much. They tell you a perfect tale in less than 200 pages. They’re not filled with descriptions of every leaf on a tree. The murders, the evidence, the suspects and the solving of the crime. I was surprised at who the killer was, and why, but I was saddened by Robert. Culverhouse was a loud and obnoxious asshole but you couldn’t help but like him. And Wendy was a sweet and kind partner, so they got on well. This was about a serial [...]

    17. “A Croft Original to keep you amused”Knight and Culverhouse are a decent enough pairing. They display most of the familiar traits that are ascribed to gritty older detectives and their attractive young female colleagues.Whether these attributes hold true or not today I doubt; but they may have in the 80's and if you can transfer this story in your mind's eye to an earlier era then it works just fine. The ending was a little odd, but with a 'short' you don't get a lot of time to really develo [...]

    18. I got this free because I was interested to read something by Croft who was featured in the Guardian as someone who has managed to make a (very healthy) living as a self published author. It languished on my to read like for a while until I found myself with 2 hours to kill, no book or Kindle or phone signal and so only the titles I had downloaded to the Kindle app on my phone to choose from. 'Too Close For Comfort' was one of them. It's basically rubbish, clichéd and predictable with one dimen [...]

    19. Adam Croft.Book 1.Too Close For Comfort.1st in the Knight and Culverhouse series. Wendy Knight is a DS in the local police and Jack Culverhouse is the DCI. When there is a spate of murders in there local area they are called on to find the criminal. A fast paced read that will keep your attention to the very end. Recommended read.4* 15 October 2015.

    20. Murder SecretsMadnessAnd TruthD.S. Wendy Knight is on her first murder case Ever since she was a young girl with her father in the forceis has been her dreamWendy's dream though is about to turn into something elseWendy doesn't really like Culverhouseher boss.He is rude, disrespectful and sometimes a bit of a jerkNow though there are two dead women Wendy has a brother who she doesn't see so often but now he needs her.She also has a new love accountant its early days. As Wendy becomes more embro [...]

    21. I liked these two detectives.British for a start, which makes a nice change as 90% of detective/thriller novels seem to be American. I have a habit of casting actors in the roles of book characters. I can't help it. I do it automatically.DCI Jack Culverhouse, in my mind is Gene Hunt (Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes) brash, rude, no tact but likeable. DS Wendy Knight I see as Suranne Jones (Scott and Bailey/Dr Foster) . Too Close For Comfort was an easy, leisurely, somewhat short read, but I couldn't [...]

    22. "Great Police Investigative Thriller"This British crime thriller is topnotch. Detective Sergeant (DS) Wendy Knight is facing her first murder case. There is a sadistic serial killer on the loose, and she just might know who it is! She works with Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jack Culverhouse of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) who always gives her a rough time. There are sudden twists which turn her life upside down. In the end, she is fighting for her life. This novel is excellentl [...]

    23. I give this 3.5 stars.This was a very quick, enjoyable read from a new author I hadn't read before. The characters Knight and Culverhouse played off well against each other, although Culverhouse's misogyny started to grate on my nerves a little. He needed a good slap in the mush!Interesting serial killer case that was well paced in build-up right until the end where I feel it fell a bit flat. The reveal of the killer seemed all too matter of fact, the ending feeling rushed.A good introduction to [...]

    24. An entertaining read“To Close For Comfort” was a really good read, exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat, I wasn’t sure that I would like the Knight / Culverhouse relationship and I only grudgingly came to like the character of DCI Culverhouse although I don’t think he could be seen as a good role model for the police. I have to admit that I guessed the killer very early on but that didn’t spoil my enjoyment. I have a couple of comments about the police procedures and feel that t [...]

    25. I forced myself to get 2/3 of the way through this book as I like to give every author a fair chance.Sadly, however, I had to give up. The book read more like an outline, there was no flesh on the bones of the characters, Culverhouse was really a poor lampoon of a gruff team leader, Knight was meant to be a sergeant, but read more like a novice. The story timeline was practically non-existant, the drug addict brother was "cured" within a day.I am sorry but this book needs a lot of work to make i [...]

    26. Excellent ReadI started reading this book (I'm not sure how long ago) but it was on my older Kindle. I found it again when going through it one day and was glad I did!! Naturally, I had to start over again, but that was ok. This is my first time reading anything from Adam Croft and if his other books are anywhere near as good 👍 as this one, he will have me hooked! He had me guessing right up to the end. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Thank you Adam for a great read!!

    27. Slight disappointment but will try anotherThis story caught my interest quickly and I got into it within the first couple of chapters. However,I saw the 'twist' too soon and finishing the story was a bit of a chore after that. The characters were not instantly likeable but I think they could grow on me so I'm going to read another in the series and see if I enjoy it more. Bad choice of title.

    28. DisappointingI love books written by English authors because I like the terminology and phrases that we don't use and this book is full of them. Bollocks is one of my favorites. Unfortunately this book was disappointing. The characters don't ring true and the storyline is too hard to believe.

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