Universal Language Schemes In England And France, 1600 1800

Universal Language Schemes In England And France None

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  • Title: Universal Language Schemes In England And France, 1600 1800
  • Author: James Knowlson
  • ISBN: 9780802052964
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. A book full of wondrous anecdotes, this historical survey treats invented “philosophical languages” (e.g. Wilkins’ real character), languages from imaginary voyages (e.g. Psalmanazar’s Formosan), and the later schemes of pasigraphy in considerable detail. The early modern background of interest in hieroglyphs, Chinese characters, Lullism and Kabbalah, and the art of memory are discussed. There’s also an intriguing appendix on attempts, mostly by the Abee de l’Epee, to promote gesture [...]

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