A Place for Fish

A Place for Fish Introduces young readers to ways human action or inaction can affect fish populations

  • Title: A Place for Fish
  • Author: Melissa Stewart Higgins Bond
  • ISBN: 9781561455621
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Introduces young readers to ways human action or inaction can affect fish populations.

    One thought on “A Place for Fish”

    1. A great book with a great message. This book with the illustrations tries and explains what we must do to protect our bodies of water and the animals that live or depend of those bodies of water. Each page after the story continues to the right give a small description of the animal featured on the page. The inside cover and back inside cover also show you were you can find the fish mentioned in the book. The illustrations are good but I would have loved more use of bright colors. The last page [...]

    2. I thought this book was great because it not only had useful information about fish and their habitats, but it also provided the reader with ways in which he/she can maintain the lives of aquatic creatures. This book would be useful in doing a science unit on the habits of marine creatures. I would read-aloud the narrative-like content to the children and then put it in a familiar place so that they can get it later and read the detailed content about each of the different types of fish. This bo [...]

    3. A Place For Fish is a wonderfully informative picture book about fish and how human actions are negatively and positively effecting their continued existence on Earth; something they have been doing for 450 million years. Higgins Bond’s illustrations are stunning, filled with vibrant colors and beautiful perspective views. This would be a nice addition to any elementary library or classroom for aiding in discussions on conservation and earth science.

    4. While not a storytime book (which I am always looking for!), this title was well-received by my ocean-obsessed youngster who even welcomed the information about freshwater fish. The book begins by discussing characteristics of fishen moves into things that are threatening different species or their habitats. Children who have read other books about fish will enjoy the variety and rareness of some fish included in this book. Illustrations are intricately detailed.

    5. An informative and colorful book on the importance of fish and other ocean life in the greater world picture. Each page has part of the story, but also helpful facts on why the fish in the picture are important and what readers can do to keep them safe.

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