Sharing Paul

Sharing Paul Three men when the world sees only two One desire to be loved and accepted All they need is a miracle Paul and Joshua s life has never been easy or even easy to explain but they ve always had each o

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  • Title: Sharing Paul
  • Author: Jade Archer
  • ISBN: 9780857155382
  • Page: 205
  • Format: ebook
  • Three men when the world sees only two One desire to be loved and accepted All they need is a miracle.Paul and Joshua s life has never been easy, or even easy to explain, but they ve always had each other Two distinct entities sharing the same body the body of an escaped cat shifter slave rescued and brought to Earth as a child They re lifelong friends, lovers and soulThree men when the world sees only two One desire to be loved and accepted All they need is a miracle.Paul and Joshua s life has never been easy, or even easy to explain, but they ve always had each other Two distinct entities sharing the same body the body of an escaped cat shifter slave rescued and brought to Earth as a child They re lifelong friends, lovers and soul mates But Joshua is slowly dying unable to sustain the psychic link that binds him to Paul They desperately need a miracle Unfortunately, miracles seem to be pretty thin on the ground these days Then one night they stumble on Matt as he s being beaten by a group of thugs in a park He s human, he s a mess and he sets off every protective, possessive instinct the pair have Could rescuing Matt be the answer to their prayers, or just another complication in an already far too complicated existence Meanwhile, there are forces at work trying to sow seeds of confusion and decent Forces that would eat away at all the cat shifters of the Bayside Pride have worked so hard to gain Can Paul, Joshua and Matt discover their miracle before it s too late

    One thought on “Sharing Paul”

    1. This was exactly the book I needed after a bad one. A book that's light and sweet and everything falls into the right places, leaving a huge smile on my face. I'm not even sure how to classify this one. It's a bit like a menage because there's three people - Matt, Paul and Joshua - but then it's not a menage because there's only two corporal bodies! But then there is one (two?) scenes where they are all together. So, menage? LolI really loved this one. To me, it seems as if Jade's stories keep g [...]

    2. This was a wonderful story, my favorite in the series so far. It made me cry a lot in the beginning and then again at the end but it was all worth for getting to read this amazing story.

    3. I have to say that writing `Sharing Paul', book three in the Portals series was magic. The entire story hit me like a bolt out of the blue while I was in the middle of writing the second book, Devon's Revenge. All of a sudden there was this guy called Paul standing in the Cat Club talking to Nate and his whole story poured out as I sat trying to work out who he was and where he had come from. Originally, I wrote the whole story as a quick little 24K Novella, mainly so I could get the ideas down [...]

    4. This has become a very interesting series with very interesting twists. I have come to expect the unexpected because I can never figure out where Jade will be leading me in these stories. I thought it was very unique how she wrote Paul, Joshua, and Matt's story. (view spoiler)[I believed the entire time that Joshua was really going to die. (hide spoiler)] I'm not a fan of menage but this story worked for me. Can't wait for the next book in this series. I'm ready to learn more about Hawk and the [...]

    5. Originally posted at: whippedcream2/201When two souls occupy one body they can either accept each other or destroy the body from the inside out. Throw in a sexy human with nowhere to turn but into Paul’s arms and you have one interesting read. Matt, Paul, and Joshua’s insecurities created a common ground, and a conflict within the relationship. This mutual insecurity made the story much more entertaining. Most of us feel insecure about a new relationship, especially if the person’s past in [...]

    6. Very interesting and very catching and captivating story. It was really bizzare in a good way.Paul is a complex, multi-layered character so to speak. And he's nicely described and written, even if the ebook has only this many pages. I liked the interaction between Paul/Joshua and the pack members and Matt, the one person to finally make a difference for Paul/Joshua. And given how short this and previous installment of this series are readers still get the picture about the life of cat slaves, th [...]

    7. This series keeps getting better. I loved the unique take on Paul and Joshua sharing the same body. The prologue was gripping when it detailed not only the loneliness they felt as children because they were never truly accepted by the other shifters, but also the horror that they went through with the painmancy mage. It gave me chills. And the angst continued when we found out years later that Joshua was slowly dying and how devastating it would be for Paul to lose the love of his life. But then [...]

    8. Of the three stories in the series this was the most difficult for me to get my head around. Sharing Paul's body is another person Joshua. I'm not really sure where he came from. I don't believe that even Paul knows, but he's been there all Paul's life and they love each other and are lovers.Then Paul meets Matt and finds himself fascinated and in love with this new person. Together they two of them are able to save and love Joshua and though it was difficult, they are dealing.My only disappoint [...]

    9. If I could give this story more then five stars I would! Emotionally moving, original well-developed characters, original story line. The characters of Paul and Joshua combined as one man is a fresh idea. I felt the character of Matt to be the perfect match for them both.I absolutely loved the romance. It was a slow build with great care to details that deeply pleased the romantic in me. I admit to shedding a tears or two as I read. And yet this story has a HFN ending that stirred a warm feeling [...]

    10. Loved the unique concept of two separate souls (literally soul mates, Paul and Joshua) sharing the same physical body (Paul’s), but then allowing them to come together as separate beings in an altered state – wow! Then add a third (Matt) to the mix and things got hotter and even more interesting. I have to say that I’m really sad that there doesn’t appear to be another book following this one in the series. I think there’s definitely more that could have been fleshed out about this tri [...]

    11. A so very adorable 3rd book in the series about the adorable Matt who's looking for his place in the world after being bullied and a unique pair of cat shifters in Paul/Joshua. Quite unique concept and nice sweet story.

    12. I was not sure how the author was going to pull this story line off but she liberally uses the freedom of fiction and I appreciate it - very unique!I can't wait for more of the series to come out!

    13. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a jaguar shifter with a secret - two men live inside his body - who rescues a human being beaten to death by thugs in the park.

    14. Hey, look. Popular psychology. It's interesting because the stories in this series overlaps, time-wise. That's something you don't see often.

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