Ex-Girlfriends United

Ex Girlfriends United Praise for Matt Dunn Full of great one linersa terrifying eye opener into what men really think Company Witty astute but tender too Freya NorthEver wish you could let the world know just what you th

  • Title: Ex-Girlfriends United
  • Author: Matt Dunn
  • ISBN: 9781402245046
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback
  • Praise for Matt Dunn Full of great one linersa terrifying eye opener into what men really think Company Witty, astute, but tender too Freya NorthEver wish you could let the world know just what you think of your ex Thanks to SlateYourDate, Dan Davis has discovered that long after he s dumped them, ex after ex girlfriend is dumping on him all over the InterPraise for Matt Dunn Full of great one linersa terrifying eye opener into what men really think Company Witty, astute, but tender too Freya NorthEver wish you could let the world know just what you think of your ex Thanks to SlateYourDate, Dan Davis has discovered that long after he s dumped them, ex after ex girlfriend is dumping on him all over the Internet And it s ruining his dating life Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of singledom, Dan must track down his many exes in order to put things right Along the way, he discovers he has much to learn about himself Particularly when he meets up again with Polly and realizes he wants her back Can Dan convince his former love he s changed Can his friend Ed convince him he needs to change in the first place And can the two friends use their newfound knowledge to help other men in the same boat

    One thought on “Ex-Girlfriends United”

    1. This was a solid bromantic comedy, not as funny as The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook and with many more sex jokes, which weren't always humorous or tasteful, but still worth the read. I liked how Dunn developed Ed and Dan's stories, and the concept of the book was okay. I got a few smiles and chuckles out of it, and it's a quick and easy summer read. No complaints, really, but I wouldn't read it if you haven't read Ed and Dan #1 yet.

    2. I think the biggest let down of this book is how accurate it is. I mean, whenever Edward screws up - or takes Dan's advice - I just want to hit him in the head with the book and say, "Why, Ed?! Why would you ever do that?!"And if that's the only thing I can't stand, it just means that Matt Dunn has got me inside the mind of an almost thirty-something male. Well done.

    3. This book was really funny. Could read it again and still find it funny. Dan Davis is so hilarious. Recommend everyone should read this book.

    4. This book is suitable if you're looking for:- A male's p.o.v. on dating and relationship- Male 'BFF'- Realistic modern-time romanceOne-line summary: An interesting view on dating and relationship from men's p.o.v. with lots of blatant-yet-realistic dating advices. Overall, this book was quite an interesting read. It didn't have an exciting twist in the storyline but it wasn't boringly flat either, although the synopsis on the back of the book sounded more promising than what the book actually of [...]

    5. I love when you discover an author that makes you laugh out loud when you are reading one of their works. Life can be very stressful, and to me, there isn’t anything better than a well written comic novel. Matt Dunn is a great author that seamlessly blends elements of humor, romance, and manly friendship together to make the perfect fun novel. I read and loved Matt Dunn’s novel, The Ex-Boyfriends Handbook last fall. At that time, I expressed a great desire in my review to read more about the [...]

    6. This is the second novel written by Matt Dunn about Edward Middleton and his best friend Dan.If you have not read the first novel in the series, look away, look away.Edward has moved on from his ex girlfriend Jane and is still doing his best to keep up with the positive changes he made in his life while attempting to get her back, see "The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook".With Edward happily dating and feeling better about himself than he has in years, his best friend Dan is going through a dating downw [...]

    7. Jack and Beth share a summer romance 8 years prior and Beth never hears from Jack again which breaks her heart. Beth, in desperate need of a job, receives an offer from a firm where Jack is the CEO. Her family and financial life is crumbling after her mother dies, her father has an accident and her talented teenage sister wants to go to an expensive acting school. She settles into an unsatisfactory relationship with Marcus, who owns the local used car dealership. And yes, you are right in thinki [...]

    8. Having read the first book by Matt Dunn featuring Ed Middleton and his friend Dan Davies, I was keen to read the second book. Once again we meet with Ed and Dan, only this time around Ed is settled down with his girlfriend and Dan seems to be going through a dry spell. Dan Davies has a job as a TV presenter, and has landed a role in a new daytime soap. He just can’t figure out why the women aren’t falling at his feet like they usually do. In the first book we see more of Edward and his dilem [...]

    9. 3.5/5I read and reviewed Matt Dunn's book The Ex- Boyfriend's Handbook last year and quite enjoyed it. Dunn writes - well - chick lit or rather lad lit if you will. It's the same light fun hearted read, but from a male perspective.Dunn reprises the two lead characters - Edward, who turned his life around after being dumped by his girlfriend. And Dan, Edward's best friend - a womanizer whose best friend is his mirror.The tables are turned in Ex-Girlfriends United. Dan's womanizing has caught up t [...]

    10. This is the third book I’ve read about Ed and Dan and the second in their trilogy. I probably shouldn’t have read them out of order as I much preferred the first and third book over this one and quite possibly in part because I knew the next chapter in their story.Overall, this is a great Lad Lit series. It’s funny in a typically British way. Ed and Dan are mates. Ed is happily monogamous and Dan is the handsome playboy love-em-and-leave-em type. The first book opens with Ed being dumped b [...]

    11. I should preface this review by saying this was a book that I randomly plucked off the shelf at the library, because it's summer time and I wanted light reading. I have not read the first book (didn't even realize there was a first book until about halfway through the novel).Perhaps it takes reading the first book to understand the characters better. Ed was sweet, thoughtful and moral, and yet it was so incredibly irritating how thick he was. Not in the big relationship questions sense, more so [...]

    12. Being a romance writer who likes to get inside the head of her heroes, I decided to read a 'Matt Dunn' for the perspective of the male voice. This was an incredibly funny, light-hearted, entertaining read. It's in first person, and you're in Ed's head. It's got great pace and there are so many laugh out loud moments. This is book two, and I really wish I'd read The Ex-boyfriends Handbook first but you don't need to read that to follow this story. You get the idea. I actually thought this book wo [...]

    13. Dan is a low rung TV star that has just landed his perfect role in a soap opera. He finds woman are not throwing themselves at him as they should be with his new found glory. His friend Ed finds him on a dating website that lets you rate your date and all of his previous dates have given him a ONE out of ten Dan enlists Ed to help him clean up his online persona and through a series of missteps that aren't quite honest, he learns that he must be truthful with himself to right everything. The sto [...]

    14. Matt Dunn's Ex-Girlfriends United is a funny tongue-in-cheek look at a guy who's trying to get his best buddy to change his caddish ways. It's not too difficult to start the process--by apologizing to his exes--especially when they've rated him badly on a website, but how much does the process stick with the guy?I expected this to be more about Dan (the cad). After all, it's Dan's ex-girlfriends who've torpedoed his chances at adding to that loooooooooong list Instead, it's more about Eddie, who [...]

    15. Totally hilarious, laugh aloud moments. Heaven help us, this is an author who understands women's wiles! Dan Davis, lover extraordinaire – at least in his own estimation – is going through a “woman” drought. For some reason, he can’t get a date but then he discovers there is a website where women post their experiences with men. Not only do they do that, but they name the men in question and Dan finds himself “mentioned in dispatches” with alarming regularity.His friend, Ed Middlet [...]

    16. Okay, I saw this book at the library, read the description and was interested so why not. It's an easy read, not too complicatedbut the story doesn't really match its synopsis. The synopsis turns out to be only half of the story maybe slightly less. It almost felt to me like it was a switch and bait type of thing. Again, if you want something simple (it's almost got a "this could be a sitcom" vibe to it) and just a quick read, I would try it out but only after reading the first book (see below). [...]

    17. This is the sequel to The Ex-Boyfriend's Handbook which I read a couple weeks ago Edward and Dan are back.Edward is happy now dating his ex-trainer, Sam. Dan, on the other hand, can't get a date and it's because all the women he's dumped have rated him on a website called Slate Your Date. Edward comes up with a plan to have Dan make it up to every woman on the website so they'll erase the bad ratings.Jane, Edward's ex-girlfriend who dumped him, returns and wants Edward back which sets off a hug [...]

    18. I just saw this book while picking random ones to add to my cart, at first I was quite hesitant to bring it home as I was over my quota (I usually set a fixed number of quota before I go book shopping as I have a tendency to just grab everything off the shelf). But the blurb and tittle was too attractive to put it back so I did what a bookworm have to do, break my quota again (it's going to haunt me when the bills come) and I did not regret it. I didn't struggle to immerse myself in the book sin [...]

    19. This book made me feel uneasy in each chapter, which is a good vibe to me. I really thought the story focuses on Dan alone since at the beginning, it's all about him him and him. But then, there comes the part where Edward is concerned. Whatever it is, I was annoyed by Dan's behavior- he loves to insult Edward whenever he likes but come to think of it again, they're best friends, and best friends, especially guys, always insult each other. And I really think the guys should read this book, it he [...]

    20. i really did not enjoy it at all. it was good, but i thought the characters were too meh. like the main guy helping Dan, (its that bad i forgot his name) he was so clueless and so annoying to read. his stupidness about dating was getting me annoyed, as i the reader got what Dan was trying to explain, but his friend was like "why? why? how does that explain anything" it was annoying to read. whenever i picked up the book i thought, ok this is going to be good, im this far in the book im sure it w [...]

    21. This is the sequel to Ex-Boyfriends Handbook and has the same funny style.Dan, the womanizer, can't get a date since his ex-girlfriends started giving him bad reviews on "SlateYourDate" (47 bad reviews and climbing).Edward thinks his relationship with his new girlfriend, Sam, is going great until his ex, Jane, decides she wants him back. Ex-Girlfriends United is another hilarious look into the male mind as Dan tries to make reparations to his many exes to improve his sex life - or rather get one [...]

    22. Didn't really enjoy this book. There's not really that jaw-dropping plot twist but the writing style is light.It's wasn't the type of fluffy bubbly kind of love I had hoped for but thank God there wasn't anything explicit.There's too much talking and the guys made things more complicated than they really are. Which is so frustrating.The characters are sort of inconsistent. One minute Dan is a genius and one minute he isn't. same goes for Edward.

    23. I like Matt Dunn's books! They are cheerful, funny and light hearted. This one is a follow on from the Ex Boyfriend's Handbook. Ever wondered what happened to Eddie's best friend and all around heart throb? Well, this one is about Dan and Eddie is now dishing out advice to him about why he is struggling with meeting a new girlfriend!Funny, thought provoking and a very good read!

    24. I haven't read the first book in the series but it didn't matter because it was easy to pick up from where it left off. The characters were written well. Dan a girls absolute nightmare. Ed is sweet but a bit clueless at times. Overall I enjoyed the book and would like to read the third book.

    25. Witty and sweet, with endless "that's what she said" moments-I could easily see this series as a movie starring Ricky Gervais as Edward and Jude Law as his hopeless friend Dan. Can't wait to read the next one!

    26. A good sequel that sees Edward try to put the past behind him in order to preserve the present, and sees a new depth to Dan's character. Not as good as the first book, but an enjoyable read!chocolatedigestivebiscuit.word

    27. First time that I've read one of Matt Dunn's books & I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!! It was funny, witty, heartfelt, genuine & I must say the two main characters reminded me of Hugh Grant & Colin Firth. Really enjoyed this one. Highly recommend it.

    28. At the very end of this book I started to like it a bit more, but it was SO long and painful to read, I barely made it there. I wasted a lot of my vacation reading this and I was very disappointed. I just did not care about these characters - I should have just stopped reading.

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