One thought on “NOW - Being and Becoming”

  1. Now by Stan I.S.Law.This deceptively readable book, compels attention for it is multi-layered, a love story without sentimentality, a philosophy without striving for definitions or qualifications, a thriller, and for a reader a compelling page turner. It breaks many rules, the plot is the growth to understanding of the principal character, the guide enigmatic and never didactic, the circumstances could have happened to anyone. So it is also a cautionary tale. It is a more honest and less self [...]

  2. Yet another brilliant winner. A man in coma who owns the world. Fantastic!I’m a great fan of Stan Law’s novels, and I am always looking forward to his new works. What a delightful change from explicit sex, murder and mayhem, not to mention the gratuitous killing and gore with which our TV screens are filled to the brim. Isn’t it time someone had the courage to make a movie from one of Stan Law’s books? I realized it would make people think, but is thinking really such a dirty word these [...]

  3. While I always suspected that the life of the mind must be richer than what we are consciously aware of, this stunning novel took me way past the limits of my imagination. The author created a unified universe yet exploded it, simultaneously, in limitless, seemingly divine diversity. It is like the Big Bang taking place in your own mind. Amazing!

  4. Metaphysical with a touch of religion, but not enough to turn me off. I like the way the author subtly changes directions bringing you along as he is deciding what he believes in.

  5. The main character is in a coma and trying to understand the meaning of life and of the universe - so not a lot of action - but plenty to think about.

  6. NOWA novel about Being & BecomingBy Stan I.S. LawComa and its valueJohn Clayton’s body is almost shattered in an automobile wreck and in the first moment after surviving it, he is wracked with pain. Then suddenly it stops. He is taken to the hospital, unconscious and after having almost every part of his body treated medically, the doctor announces that he is in a coma. His beloved wife, Ruth, wants to know what a coma is. The doctor says a state of unconsciousness. When she asks what happ [...]

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