Florence Nightingale: A Photo-Illustrated Biography

Florence Nightingale A Photo Illustrated Biography A biography of Florence Nightingale a famous nurse who spent her life trying to improve medical standards

  • Title: Florence Nightingale: A Photo-Illustrated Biography
  • Author: Lucile Davis
  • ISBN: 9780736802055
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A biography of Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse who spent her life trying to improve medical standards.

    One thought on “Florence Nightingale: A Photo-Illustrated Biography”

    1. Personal Response: I loved this book, as it told the story of an inspirational female figure in history. Florence Nightingale was a great example of passion and devotion to serving others. This book told her story in a way that was detailed but very understandable, which is good for children. I was also happy to find such a good quality book about a female historic figure, as I was surprised to have trouble finding many of these at the Lawrence Public Library. Maybe it was just the particular bo [...]

    2. Florence Nightingale is one of my personal heroes and a woman that I would love to go back in time to have a cup of tea with. What an amazing, giving person who tireless worked to improve the conditions of army hospitals in the mid-1800s, when nurses were considered unimportant and were most often unpaid. This is a nice picture biography best suited for elementary age students. One page has a full photograph or illustration and the opposite side has interesting and memorable facts about Miss. Ni [...]

    3. Very basic bio on Florence Nightingale - appropriate for elementary aged students. Even younger children can catch the jist of Nightingale's life and her achievements. No blood and gore.

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