Sheila Says We're Weird

Sheila Says We re Weird Sheila comments on her neighbors energy saving habits like using a wood stove in the winter and drying clothes on a clothesline instead of in the dryer but she likes their home grown fruits and vege

  • Title: Sheila Says We're Weird
  • Author: Ruth Ann Smalley Jennifer Emery
  • ISBN: 9780884483267
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sheila comments on her neighbors energy saving habits, like using a wood stove in the winter and drying clothes on a clothesline instead of in the dryer, but she likes their home grown fruits and vegetables and enjoys making popcorn on the wood stove with them.

    One thought on “Sheila Says We're Weird”

    1. SUMMARY: Sheila is either hanging over the back fence or hanging out with her neighbors. They re interesting, but they re weird. Why do they hang their laundry outside instead of using the dryer? Why are they riding their bikes to the library instead of just using the car? Why do they mow their lawn with a push mower when a gas mower is much faster? But Sheila discovers that their homemade soup sure tastes good, that she likes picking cherry tomatoes and strawberries in their garden, and it's pr [...]

    2. Other reviewers have said there's no plot, no main character. Does there have to be a full-of-action plot? A fully defined main character?This isn't that sort of book. It's apicture book written in first person and we never know exactly whose voice we are hearing. It doesn't matter. There is a family living a green lifestyle, incorporating many small changes into their lives to use less energy and to live closer to the earth. They have a garden, they compost, they ride bikes, they cook from scra [...]

    3. We live the rural version of this lifestyle, and the story has been very important to my kids. Yes, the plot line is simple. And when it comes to helping little kids make sense of these differences, I think that is fine. I find the suggestion that there should be more conflict in the plot line rather strange. Having witnessed many of these types of exchanges in our own family as our kids talk with their friends, this plot line is pretty realistic, and most importantly, my kids relished it. My fo [...]

    4. When it comes to the illustrating books for children, I think it is a good choice to set up good examples for them. Once we do not know how to teach them, we still can use some tools like children’s best choice books. This book is the best example to teach them how to live without any pollution on the environment. You do not have to worry about the difficulties in reading input because you can rely on the illustrations of the book. When we talk about the illustration, we must know about its il [...]

    5. Book about a family that conserves energy, recycles, and gardens. This book can be used for Earth Day conservation lesson. Also, a problem solving lesson to show different ways to reach the same point.

    6. To some people, things not activated by electricity or made manual are strange to them. It's like they live in a different world. They think it's much easier to use artificial products at first but finally, they will know only manual products protect our earth.

    7. This book is all about a family that does everything as green as possible and the little neighbor girl who thinks all of it is weird. It would be good to teach young ones what green things they could do at home.Maybe good for an earth day or green storytime

    8. Pretty awful as far as plot or illustrations go. The only reason I gave it two stars was because it's one of the scant few picture books I've ever seen on sustainable living, so it might be useful for educators.

    9. This was an interesting book for my 5-year-old because there were a lot of things he didn't know about. It was a great chance to explain to him how things used to be done compared to how most people do them now.

    10. Why does different have to be weird? Are Sheila's neighbors really weird or do they have some good ideas? Good conversation starter

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