Irregular Creatures

Irregular Creatures Contained within are nine stories featuring bizarre beasties mythological mutants and overall irregular creatures including flying cats mermaids Bigfoot giant chickens and mystic hobo hermaphrod

  • Title: Irregular Creatures
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Contained within are nine stories featuring bizarre beasties, mythological mutants, and overall irregular creatures including flying cats, mermaids, Bigfoot, giant chickens, and mystic hobo hermaphrodites.Horror, fantasy, science fiction and humor.The collection features the following nine tales DOG MAN AND CAT BIRD A FLYING CAT STORY Joe s got job woes and family proContained within are nine stories featuring bizarre beasties, mythological mutants, and overall irregular creatures including flying cats, mermaids, Bigfoot, giant chickens, and mystic hobo hermaphrodites.Horror, fantasy, science fiction and humor.The collection features the following nine tales DOG MAN AND CAT BIRD A FLYING CAT STORY Joe s got job woes and family problems, and it s made all the complicated by a cat who dies on his porch one night or, so Joe believes The cat is not only dead, but it appears to be some kind of improbable mutant a cat with wings The cat initially complicates Joe s life as he hides it from his family, but he soon learns that may be at stake than he realized Little does he know, a battle for good and evil, between Heaven and Hell, is about to be fought in his garage.A RADIOACTIVE MONKEYThat bartender you really like, well, she just whipped up a potent cocktail called a Radioactive Monkey Would you drink it Hint you shouldn t Jonny Stoops, however, decided to take the plunge Hint it doesn t end well PRODUCT PLACEMENTImagine one morning you wake up and you discover that the world is now home to products you don t recognize but everyone else does Flix candy bars Jack Kenny whiskey Burrito Hut Donnie s never heard of these brands, but those around him say such products are beloved and have been here for years Donnie s quest to discover the truth and prove he s not nuts reveals a marketing and advertising scheme not of this dimensionIS GUY Every day, I catch him before he makes it to the China Skillet I drag him into the alleyway, and I beat him with a tire iron Sometimes, I stab him with a kitchen knife I do this every day I think it s starting to affect me Every day is the same for the protagonist get up, drive to work, and on the way there, beat some zombie to death Next day Zombie s back It would take a toll on one s sanity, wouldn t it MISTER MHU S PUSSY SHOWNolan seeks untold pleasures, but never finds them not until now, when he becomes swiftly obsessed with Tasanee, a Bangkok dancer at a hole in the wall club He is driven to pursue her at any cost, but what he finds at the end of his obsession is not pleasure, but pain.LETHE AND MNEMOSYNEOld age wreaks havoc on the body and mind, and in this flash fiction that has been never apparent than when a senile old man s children exhort him to remember the means by which he controlled the giant chicken wreaking havoc back homeE AUCTIONBenjamin s father shows his son the secret behind his job he is a buyer and seller of very forbidden things, magical things, objects of a fantastical purview He takes his son to The Auction, a place where anything can be bought and sold mythological creatures, insane machines, haunted and horrific artifacts Benjamin is lead astray by a religious man with pious words but sinister intent When Benjamin encounters a sickly mermaid on the auction block, can the boy step in and avert disaster BEWARE OF OWNERA short story of how father teaches son Dad teaches the boy that you don t need to beware of a dog, but you damn well better beware of owner OVERS AND TAKE BACKSTaye and Beau are two characters from two different worlds the first a boy in the city projects, the second a rich man with a hollow life and an estranged family But a bizarre figure steps in as catalyst an inhuman Rag Man appears and draws connections between the two characters that could not have existed before.

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    1. This was indeed an odd little collection.I will freely admit that I only bought it because of the cute winged cat on the cover. ;PThat cat, by the way, is the protagonist of the first and longest story. It was also my favourite. Closely followed by the one about the mermaid.The author made it clear that he had a great sense of humour right at the start. Just look at the Acknowledgements if you don't believe me:xDMoreover, the author is also good at world-building which is probably why I loved th [...]

    2. Irregular Creatures is a collection of Chuck Wendig's short stories. Someone recently compared his work to Stephen King's, and I can see where they're coming from: there's something robustly readable about all of it, and the fantasy/horror aspects are all handled in a matter of fact sort of way. I can't remember how King handles narrators, at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised to find similarities there.I think someone also mentioned a sort of cheerful vulgarity, and there's that, too. Some [...]

    3. This was my first Chuck Wendig book. If I'm thinking of the right author, all I knew about him before going into this is that he apparently likes to use a lot of profanity in his books. This one had more than most, but not an obscene amount. If I had to describe this book in just one sentence it'd be: Irregular Creatures is like a bunch of Twilight Zone episodes if Twilight Zone was rated R. That said, most of the stories were probably closer to PG-13. I'd watch a one-season HBO TV adaptation of [...]

    4. What can I say - I'm now an offical fangurl of Chuck Wendig's writing. Well, except some of his 'let's think about important writerly things' blog stuff which, when I try to read it, feels like salt flung at my flabby, slug brain. What I like is his twisted imagination, the way he punches you with his writing and dares you to flinch when he's drawing back for seconds (and thirds and fourths), and his every(wo)man characters.As I've said a milliondybillion times before, I'm usually not a fan of t [...]

    5. Warped. Fun. Twisted. Chuck Wendig is a wordsmith general (probably an 8 on the Gaiman Scale), and he presents nine stories of the weird and (sometimes) the macabre. At $2.99, it's pretty spectacular, and it's worth it just for the story Dog-Man and Cat-Bird. Not all the stories work as well, but that story is one of my favorites ever. Highly recommended.

    6. Once upon a time I went to a local bookstore and the guy behind the counter asked me what kind of books I liked to read.I said, "Weird ones, mostly."He got the strangest look on his face. I'm sure he'd been expecting me to say, Mystery or Horror or some other easily defined genre. At last he said, "Well we've got some Steven King stuff over there."I'm not sure why "weird" isn't a genre by now. If I was running a book store it would have a section labeled "Weird Stuff," You'd go over there and fi [...]

    7. Chuck Wendig’s Irregular Creatures is yet another feather in the short story collection cap, featuring nine speculative fiction tales that will shock, amuse, bewilder and entertain. In the author’s own words, the stories "drunkenly swerve between fantasy, horror and science fiction — with a dash of humour and absurdity thrown in for good measure".There are two factors every story in this collection share. Firstly, they each feature an irregular creature, whether a flying cat, alien, mermai [...]

    8. I had a blast reading Chuck's novella, Shotgun Gravy, which I finished in the space of one day. Like most of Wendig's material, it was very readable: full of inventive profanity, bizarre sensory details, and a cheerful, homespun vulgarity that reminds me a bit of early Stephen King.Irregular Creatures has all those elements, but I found it a little uneven. The book features nine short stories. Of those, four are quite good, three are mildly inexplicable, and two seem downright pointless. When We [...]

    9. These stories were, largely, engaging, engrossing, and appealing even despite (or maybe because of?) the more grotesque elements. Some of the stories (I'm looking at you, Product Placement and Mister Mhu's ***** Show) inspired a physical reaction, though I'm not going to detail the specifics; suffice to say I don't recommend eating candy while reading Product Placement. Others evoked more emotional reactions, like the first story in the anthology, Dog-Man and Cat-Bird (A Flying Cat Story). This [...]

    10. This review orders the short stories according to favourite to least favourite-1. Product Placement: this story was so relevant and highly personified. Quirkest.2. The Auction: sweet, twisty, unique af.3. Dog-Man and Cat-Bird: has relations with but not as paranormal as The Auction. 4. Do-Overs and Take-Backs: No narrative sequence but interesting.5. Beware of Owners: a reflection of a selfish life, I enjoyed it.6. This Guy: A downward spiral. Violence trigger but not shocking enough.7. Mister M [...]

    11. This is a wonderful collection of stories that scratch all sorts of itches. There are repeated images and themes, and it all opens a door into an incredibly distinctive world. Wendig has a unique voice, and I am looking forward to reading more. I hate comparing authors, but he definitely reminds me of a certain subgenre of Weird Fiction that at its best hits the emotional notes of a Raymond Carver while using zombies and flying cats. This isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy writers like Howard [...]

    12. If you are easily offended or squeamish or do not like fantasy, sci-fi or horror, you might want to take a pass on this book. But, and this is a big BUT, if you don’t fall into any of the above categories DEFINITELY check out Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig. Irregular Creatures is a collection of creepy and original short stories reminiscent of the old TV shows Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. It will give you the willies and sometimes even disgust you, but at all times you will be entertai [...]

    13. My favorite story in this collection was the shortest one, "Lethe and Mnemosyne", not for the story it told but for the story it only HINTED at. I did skip the last story, and a couple of them went over my head completely. Overall, though, reading this collection left me feeling like I had attended a modern freakshow and had been given a glimpse at the arcane reality that lay beneath the geeks' performances.

    14. What a fun little book of stories. I have to say that some of these tales, especially the first and the last really surprised me with his engrossed I got with the characters and the story. I really like his style of writing and found it was funny in all of the right places.

    15. I wanted to read something I could read in a day, and it had to be something imaginative. I looked up a couple of fantasy series, but nothing seemed to click, and then I just remembered this little collection I had bought a couple of years ago. The reason I had bought it was that I used to follow Chuck Wendig's blog fairly regularly back then, but also because of blue of the cover and the cat on the cover. I haven't looked at the blog in a while and just didn't remember his writing style at all. [...]

    16. Straight forwardThere are some good stories to be had here, even if on several occasions I found myself looking at a confusing paragraph structure, or something that felt written backwards. But don't let that stop you, CW is a workman like writer, and there is someone to learn from the way he does what he does. And then of course there are the stories.

    17. A nice collection of (weird) creature short stories. Some are interesting, some are shocking. Was interesting to read, but nothing special.

    18. Storie di varia lunghezza tutte alle prese con "Irregular creatures", ovvero elementi strani e spesso indesiderabili come gatti volanti, demoni, alieni o semplicemente psicopatici.Mi piace molto lo stile dell'autore, prossimamente passerò ai romanzi.Dog-man and Cat-Bird ★★★★Una situazione familiare critica: lui dorme sul divano, lei costretta a essere severa avendo un marito che sembra un bambino e un figlio.Lui, amante dei cani, si trova a accudire un gatto decisamente particolare a cu [...]

    19. I've been a long-time reader of Chuck Wendig's blog, but this is the first of his fiction I've had the chance to read. I found the book enjoyable, but often underwhelming. Some of the stories are much better than others, and one or two really stood out, but the collection was overall not particularly memorable. The greatest failing is the lack of depth and variety in the characters: Every narrator seemed to be a different iteration of the same person, and they all sounded suspiciously like the a [...]

    20. Irregular Creatures is a collection of nine short stories. I had been expecting a collection full of grim noir, but this was not the case. This was a collection of deceptively simple fantastic and weird stories; a few of them made me jealous with the offhand way he seemed to succeed with them. A couple of them fell a little flat but were not without merit--obscure b-side stories to supplement the hitmakers among them.Overall, I would have to say that the stories were more Gaimanesque than anythi [...]

    21. I'm very particular in the fiction I like. I like writers who take chances, writers who don't always write the same thing over and over. Irregular Creatures is a fitting name for Wendig's collection because the stories contained within cross genres, mash up genres, and defy genres.I'm not alone in loving the first story, "Dog Man and Cat Bird." It's a great example of how Wendig approaches genres: it's definitely genre fiction, but what makes the story so wonderful are the same things that make [...]

    22. Irregular Creatures is a collection of short stories from self described freelance pen monkey Chuck Wendig. Each of the stories features a different strange creature, including (but not limited to) flying cats, mermaids, aliens and radioactive monkeys.You heard me.My favorite was the first story Dog-Man and Cat-Bird (A Flying Cat Story). It’s an excellent example of balancing the weird (flying cats, flying cat demons) with very human, very relatable characters and Wendig handles it perfectly. [...]

    23. Irregular Creatures, published as an ebook by author Chuck Wendig, is a collection of nine short stories in the horror or science fiction genres and linked very loosely by the subject of - as the title says - irregular creatures. In here there are winged house-cats, freakshows, extradimensional aliens, radioactive monkeys, and stranger (or more grotesque) beasts. The stories vary greatly in tone and length but all manage stand on their own and have something unique to say. Being the work of Chuc [...]

    24. f you've been thinking your reading material is too normal, check out Irregular Creatures by Chuck Wendig. This nine-story collection is full of widely imaginative premises, very real characters, and a lot of heart.Also, this is some weird shit.Like Dog Man and Cat Bird (A Flying Cat Story). The title kind of says it all. But it doesn't really so you should read the story. Maybe my favorite in the collection, it's the tale of how a suburban dad gets his groove back through one airborne feline.Of [...]

    25. This self-published Kindle book was another title that I bought purely through seeing people on Twitter praising it (I can’t remember who it was in this instance). I have read a few reviews of this book and quite a few talk about the excessive profanity found within it. In my view it isn’t excessive at all, the gritty and often nasty realism of the characters cries out to be voiced by the appropriate language. If you do not like reading profanity in any context then this will not be the book [...]

    26. More than most books, whether you're likely to enjoy Irregular Creatures is highly dependent on how you take the writing style. The sex and gore felt appropriate to the stories rather than tacked-on for its own sake, but they're also perfectly in-your-face and unapologetic. The language is frank and salty, which again is appropriate to the characters, but not everyone will want to read it. I did, however, have a hard time with the animal abuse in "Beware of Owner"---enough of it happens in real [...]

    27. This is a great collection of short stories connected by the common theme of, you guessed it, irregular creatures. When browsing for a new Chuck Wendig read, I was struck by the cover and couldn’t pass up the book.The stories are all well written and, for the most part, intriguing and enjoyable. The tone of the stories and the way Chuck tells them reminded me of Stephen King, and I’m sure I spotted a subtle nod to Hellraiser in one of the stories. Most are bizarre, some are amusing, and I’ [...]

    28. Chuck Wendig is a seriously weird dude. We knew that already of course. I thought this collection was very entertaining. Perhaps with an overabundance of vaginas (can I say vaginas on ?) as seen exclusively though the male gaze. They were always in service to the story and never in the tired fashion of Male-Writer-Pontificates-on-the-Female-Sex(organ), but I did find the continuing theme of women in sleaze, women in please, and women in hardcore denial over Cat-birds, to be a little itchy by the [...]

    29. I must say the first story had me devouring this book; but the first story was the only one of its type inside the book and I think I'm kind of glad it was.Irregular Creatures does not finish to describe what you will find here; the stories are good, short and entertaining but the creatures they revolve around are irregular in the same way a the sky is blue or a cloud is cotton-ish. Some of them are pretty fantastic and some are straight out of some hell-hole all this I believe helps make this b [...]

    30. As a fan of Chuck Wendig's blogging and commentary, I snatched this short story collection up right away just to support him, but I had a feeling I'd enjoy it because he has such a distinctive voice, and I was right. That voice comes through clearly in every one of these short stories, many reminiscent of the excellent old Twilight Zone Magazine, with "Dog-Man and Cat-Bird (A Flying Cat Story)" and "The Auction" standing out as my favorites. Both stories, along with the intriguing but flawed "Do [...]

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