The Clocks

The Clocks When a young secretary Sheila Webb is sent to the home of a blind woman on an errand she is horrified to discover a dead man behind the couch surrounded by four clocks that have all been stopped a

  • Title: The Clocks
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: 9780062073815
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a young secretary, Sheila Webb, is sent to the home of a blind woman on an errand, she is horrified to discover a dead man behind the couch, surrounded by four clocks that have all been stopped at 4 13 The owner arrives home and denies that the clocks belong to her, the deceased s business card turns out to be a fraud, and a woman shows up claiming to be the dead manWhen a young secretary, Sheila Webb, is sent to the home of a blind woman on an errand, she is horrified to discover a dead man behind the couch, surrounded by four clocks that have all been stopped at 4 13 The owner arrives home and denies that the clocks belong to her, the deceased s business card turns out to be a fraud, and a woman shows up claiming to be the dead man s wife There is only one man who can unravel this complicated case Hercule Poirot.5 Audio Cassettes 7 Hours 17 mins

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    2. This Hercule Poirot murder mystery, is rather unusual. Since he isn't in it. Very much.Poirot is old. And spends the few pages, he appears in. At his London apartment. Rich but bored.Reading fictional and nonfiction books. About of course, killings.Don't worry folks. He comes to the rescue, at the last chapter.In fact, 3rd from last.And a few others. In the middle of the novel.The plot ,Sheila Webb a stenographer typist. Goes to a house, for a routine assignment.The door is unlocked. As she is i [...]

    3. Choose Your Own Adventure!You are a member of the British secret service, and you are having a really bad day. Murder is never the best of reasons to engage in romance, but for you, the two become intertwined before you know it. In a way, it is not hard to understand why: temporary secretaries are their own kind of secret agent, slipping in and out of mysterious situations, reporting what they know to their benefactor, a constant smile on their lips and calm professionalism their by-word. When d [...]

    4. Started off so well! I loved the strange, eeriness of the murder and the characters were all so peculiar. I was really aiming high for the grand finale, but at the end it all tumbled out within 10 or so pages and was a bit of a disappointment, added to which, Poirot was conspicuous by his absence for the majority of the book which was a shame. I assume Christie was by now getting a bit sick of writing wonderful plots for her marvellous creation and so was trying to keep him 'away' whilst other c [...]

    5. “Everything makes sense. Everything.”—PoirotThe Clocks is Hercules Poirot #34, and I feel like I am sort of limping to the finish here, reading them in order. This one features the “mature” writing of Christie, a book published in 1963, 43 years after her first Poirot, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, published in 1920! She knew no one I life as well as Poirot at this point, and it was my now a resigned relationship, with love and hate and resentment all present at times. Which is perh [...]

    6. Though Poirot makes only little appearances in this story, it's worth it to hear the detective's take on various mystery stories and their authors. Not to mention Poirot gets to exercise his "little grey cells" from home when the narrator of this mystery, Charles Lamb, takes the facts as he knows them to Poirot, in an effort to both enliven Poirot's day and to stump the Belgian detective. Ha! This is Poirot, and Lamb should have had more faith, as Poirot deduces the solution to the case involvin [...]

    7. “One gets infected, it is true, by the style of a work that one has been reading.” Continuing my Agatha Christie odyssey. This is a Poirot story with a difference - our favourite Belgian mastermind is very much in the background, appearing only a couple of times, to direct (or rather baffle) the players and readers, and then obviously sweep in with the solution. Having said this, I rather enjoyed this investigation at the hand of an unknown.Apart from our crime story, this novel also felt li [...]

    8. 2.5/5İlk defa bir Agatha kitabına bu kadar düşük puan veriyorum. Bu beni de bayağı bir şaşırtsa da bu kitabı pek sevemedim. Çok fazla tesadüfi olayların olması beni rahatsız etti. Üstelik canım Poirot'nun sahneye çıkmasını çok uzun süre beklemek beni üzdü :(

    9. Another great tale from the queen of crimes!Ohh. I deceived myself when I congratulate myself too early! What a shame :( But on the other hand, I did make the right guesses on a few things, so all is not lost (yeay!!).This story took on a Miss-Marple-ish type of narration. Hercule Poirot only came into the picture after more than 60% of the book. But as always, he would steal the limelight from others even by a brief appearance! And what a conclusion!

    10. I don't know what it is. I am either blown away by Christie or totally underwhelmed by her books. There is never a really nice happy medium I am finding. I think one good thing about reading all of these books back to back like this is that I am able to pick up on plots that Christie has used previously.I can now see why it took so long for my library to track down this book and make it available to me. It's not that a compelling read of a Hercule Poirot book. One wonders if Christie was playing [...]

    11. An entertaining read.I'd read a lot of Christie's books many years ago and now feel I need to 'revisit' a few. At one time I carried a Christie book everywhere I went; I kept one in my car. I had one at school (I was a teacher) and read a little each day during 'silent reading period,' a 15-20 minute time period in the middle of the day set aside just for reading. (Even though I taught science I held to this reading time religiously and no student had better ask for a bathroom pass while I was r [...]

    12. Even though my mother was a fan of Agatha Christie, for some reason, I never read any of her books when I was growing up, despite being a fan of the mystery genre myself. When the video game, And Then There Were None (which was based on Agatha Christie's novel) was released, I decided to seek out a copy of it to read before trying out the game. (The book has been read but the game has only seen about 10 minutes of action so far) I found And Then There Were None strangely compelling, even with th [...]

    13. I usually enjoy Agatha Christie's novels, especially those with the often insufferable Hercule Poirot. Although Hercule Poirot is a character in this one, he is barely in the novel, away from the scene of the crime, acting as Colin Lamb's advisor, showing how he could solve any crime through his intellect alone. I found many of the characters almost indistinguishable from each other, flat and featureless; the plot was tedious in spots. A dead man, in a blind woman's house, surrounded by numerous [...]

    14. Sách hơi dài, nhưng là độ dài hơi gây chán một tí, do những chi tiết và các đoạn hội thoại lằng nhằng không đáng có. Tuy nhiên, càng về cuối thì truyện lại càng hay, đặc biệt là lúc phá án, đúng chất Agatha Christie luôn ^^

    15. Well, this is what happens when I stay at home with a rather nasty cold: I manage to read a book in about 24h. But don’t worry, I slept a lot during the day, as well.And what can I say? I had plenty of time, the story was of the engrossing type, and it read so well. It also takes place during the Cold War, so there is some espionage work going on. And, of course, Hercule Poirot is there to explain everything. Although, regarding Poirot, I must say I had expected more of him.I had never heard o [...]

    16. *** spoilers follow ***There is something so refreshing about reading an Agatha Christie mystery halfway through the year! It's just that time when you've finished one thing and you're ready to start something new, but you're not 100% ready for an author you've never read before. You need something to gear you up for the unknown, but with the promise of satisfaction at the end. An arrogant Belgium, his curly mustache, and penchant for solving crimes is indubitably the perfect interim solution!I [...]

    17. I’ve decided to finally go back to my youth and reread some of the classics (well at least ones that fall into genres I actually like). This Hercule Poirot mystery was written much later in Christie’s career and it’s fairly clear that Poirot wasn’t even needed for this mystery. I actually wondered if he was only added to keep publishers/fans happy. In fact, this mystery was actually investigated by a friend of Poirot, Colin Lamb who seemed to be secret service (how many times Lamb appear [...]

    18. I find it telling that The Clocks is subtitled "A Hercule Poirot Mystery". This is not really a Poirot novel. Charles Lamb, our narrator, is quite able to solve the case himself and Poirot actually has very little "screen time", so to speak. He is here because, by this time in Christie's long and fruitful career, fans expected her to feature her famous detective (and no doubt he was good for sales). Even so, I do not think of this as a Poirot case. There are also a few references to Poirot and C [...]

    19. Another good story from the queen of mystery. I missed Poirot in this one, though. Hercule Poirot only appears occasionally. Being one of his last mysteries, M. Poirot has aged quite a bit, and so he no longer investigates crimes like he used to. In "The Clocks" the narrator and protagonist is Mr. Colin Lamb. He's trying to figure out Whodunit. The victim: an unidentifiable man. The scene of the crime: a blind woman's sitting room, with the addition of four mysterious clocks set to the same, wro [...]

    20. I usually get excited when I pick up a mystery by Agatha Christie. The Clocks was a little disappointing, not my favorite. The storytelling was a little dull. Not much of the red herrings you usually find in an Agatha Christie story. A man was found stabbed to death in a blind lady's house. Someone had left 4 clocks all set an hour ahead to 4;13. I kept waiting for Poirot to show up in the story. You have to read 50 percent of the book, then he just makes a small appearance. I got bored, after t [...]

    21. Dit verhaal heb ik ook in de tv serie gezien. Een meisje van een uitzendbureau, Sheila Webb, wordt gevraagd als stenotypiste bij een blinde dame, met de instructie dat ze al maar moet binnen gaan als de dame nog niet thuis is. Bij het binnentreden van het huis ziet Sheila een vermoorde man op de vloer liggen. Wie is het en wie is de moordenaar?Zo begint dit verhaal. Poirot komt er niet veel aan te pas, naar het einde toe lost hij de zaak op zo te zeggen vanuit zijn luie stoel. Het zijn inspecteu [...]

    22. This is only the second Christie book I've ever read, but I was not impressed. The story itself was good and the mystery and the clues were very intriguing. But the ending came as a surprise to me - but not a good surprise. Even after all was revealed, I still didn't find it quite believable, based on the clues that had been laid out during the course of the book. Also, this was a Poirot mystery, but he was hardly in it. However, he was the one who solved the crime even though he wasn't present [...]

    23. This took me quite a while to get into but after a while I became quite wrapped up in the mystery! The ending didn't wow me though, and I think that's because it was meant to be simple. Hoping to check out more of Agatha Christie's earlier work soon.

    24. A temporary secretary reports for work only to find a dead body in a room full of clocks. Then it turns out the call asking for her services was a fake. Half murder mystery and half spy thriller, this is a pleasant jaunt with a young investigator and his expert consultant, M Hercule Poirot.

    25. About to start another buddy read with my friend Cheryl on our Poirot adventure.3.5* A very enjoyable mystery which re index me of Britain in my childhood. Poirot not introduced until the last third of the book in a very minor role. would have been rated higher if it was usual Poirot format. strange ending!

    26. Am descoperit romanele polițiste citind-o pe Rodica Ojog - Brașoveanu. Mi se făcuse dor de o acțiune alertă, plină de indicii, totul scris ca să-ți pună mintea la contribuție. Și acest roman, ,,Ceasurile", de Agatha Christie, m-a determinat imediat să încerc să descopăr eu însămi vinovatul. Ca de fiecare dată, am rămas surprinsă la sfârșit. Merită toate laudele!

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