Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superclub

Arsenal The Making of a Modern Superclub New edition of this bestselling seminal autobiography of Arsenal FC fully revised and updated with four new chapters to bring it up to date at the start of a potentially turbulent season Des

  • Title: Arsenal: The Making of a Modern Superclub
  • Author: Alex Fynn Kevin Whitcher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • New edition of this bestselling, seminal autobiography of Arsenal FC, fully revised and updated with four new chapters to bring it up to date at the start of a potentially turbulent 2011 12 season.Described by The Observer as fascinating and The Guardian as shrewd and well informed , respected football magazine When Saturday Comes said of Ars nal The Making of a ModernNew edition of this bestselling, seminal autobiography of Arsenal FC, fully revised and updated with four new chapters to bring it up to date at the start of a potentially turbulent 2011 12 season.Described by The Observer as fascinating and The Guardian as shrewd and well informed , respected football magazine When Saturday Comes said of Ars nal The Making of a Modern Superclub, at last a football book that reflects the age.Based on unprecedented access granted to the authors, including exclusive interviews with Ars ne Wenger and key Board members, current and former players, Ars nal looks in detail at the club s transformation into a global superpower under the stewardship of their French manager and what s gone wrong in the last couple of years It also analyses what needs to be done to ensure Arsenal continue to compete at football s top table.

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    1. A fascinating look at the evolution of the business of professional football in England.That this book relates to MY team is essential, whilst it is an interesting read on its own I don't think I am bipartisan enough to have found pleasure in reading about the successes of rival clubs. The fact that it was Arsenal and Arsene Wenger at the forefront of the evolution of football as product leaves me justifiably proud.Alex Flynn is a media and marketing consultant for professional sports teams, spe [...]

    2. I thought this was an amazing take on the modernization of Arsenal Football Club. I am glad I read Fever Pitch previously to get more of a traditional view on the club. Arsene Wenger is a visionary: so much so that clubs and managers around the world try to emulate his tactics, his dietary techniques, and his prudent financial ways. Now, those who know what they are talking about can mention Arsenal have been trophyless over the past 6 years. It's true, but more than the trophies, Arsenal has in [...]

    3. An insightful read for those who doubt - or are beginning to doubt - Arsene's intentions. Briefly discusses Arsenal's history before Arsene Wenger's appointment as manager before dealing heavily with Arsene's reign, focusing especially on the troubles that accompanied the club while moving from Highbury to Emirates Stadium. There's also quality insight into boardroom dealings and drama; the power struggles b/w Fiszman, Hill-Wood, Dein, et al are utterly fascinating. That being said, with Arsene [...]

    4. Let me share with you a brief insight into the thinking of an Arsenal supporter. At Emirates last week (v Norwich) with about ten minutes to go I couldn’t help but overhear a couple of guys behind me talking : #1 “Where will we be in the league after this?” #2 “Well, if we win we’ll be top.” IF we win!!! Under ten minutes to go, we were 3.1 up and would score once more….IF we win!!And you know what? I knew exactly what he meant. We’ve experienced disappointment, of our own making [...]

    5. To become a super football club in the modern era,one must have a playing philosophy, one must qualify in THE elite club competition every year, win trophies, and become self-sustainable. That my folks, is the Arsenal and Arsene Wenger way of managing a football club.Arsenal plays attacking football (playing philosophy), has been in the UEFA Champions League (Elite Club Competition)for 14 straight seasons since Arsene Wenger took over in 1996, won 4 FA Cups, 3 Premier League titles (One of which [...]

    6. A must-read for any Arsenal supporter. Well researched and written, this updated history of the Arsenal is particularly useful for its recap of recent years, up to and including the entrance of American Stan Kroenke as majority owner. The author is quite sympathetic to Arsene Wenger but acknowledges the disapproval he has gained from the fanbase during the current trophy drought. Explains well the extra-football business decisions that have colored the on-pitch performance of the team since its [...]

    7. Great insight, I wish I had read this book a few years ago. All of the structural change the book discusses doesn't come to pass for another decade+ An update in the modern era would be fascinating: the decline of the club alongside gigantic financial gain across the country, was moving to the emirates right? The imposed austerity wasn't necessary in the end. I'm so fascinated by the young guns in the emirates era and how the team never fulfilled all the promise it showed in the late 00s. A lot [...]

    8. A fascinating insight into the world of modern football and the transition of Arsenal into a genuinely big club. More emphasis on Wenger's methods would have been nice as the constant documenting of Kroenke's rise bit become somewhat dull. More business than football but an enjoyable read nonetheless. 4/5.

    9. A comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at how the Modern Arsenal was built, which puts into light the intricacies, burdens and comlpications of taking a modern football club to the next level to ensure it's legacy and future.The heritage of Arsene Wenger is presented quite clearly, although i was a little taken aback in the end at the rather damning view the author adopts, that despite all the radical changes and transformation Wenger has brought to the club, his stubboenness has helf the club b [...]

    10. I know a lot of the other reviewers already said this, but this book is essential reading if you are an Arsenal fan. You cannot comment on the current sate of the team and the way Wenger manages the team without knowing the information within this book. It is quite amazing that he has managed so much on a shoestring budget throughout the years and he should be lauded for that. It is just as interesting to realize that he is not as tactically astute as most fans believe he is. He isn't much of a [...]

    11. Rather disappointed. I was hoping to learn more about one of the more fascinating figures in English football, Arsene Wenger, and thought with his name embedded in the title of the book and his face on the cover, this was the book for me. But no there isn't much insight into Wenger's ways (and actually a surprising amount of criticism about his controlling, frugal manner). There's a lot on Arsenal managers prior to Wenger, and far too much on the politics of the boardroom, the battle for club ow [...]

    12. Quick read on Arsenal's transformation over the past 20 or so years. Arsene Wenger is detailed in his brilliance and glory that brought Arsenal to where it is today and Wenger's obstinate, deteriorating reign over Arsenal in the past few years. You cannot help but be indebted to Wenger and at the same time pained by the missed optys. What Dein, Fizsman, Friar and Hill Wood have accomplished with Arsenal and the new stadium is incredible. Yet, it remains unfinished. This book is hopefully part on [...]

    13. من الكتب النادرة التي تغطي ارسنال ومراحل تحوله في الثلاثين سنة الاخيرةهذا الكتاب يغطي فترات مهمة من تاريخ ارسنال ويلقي ضوء اكبر على شخصيات مثل ديفيد دين , هيل وود وداني فيزمان وايضا ارسن فينغرمتأكد ان المتابع الجيد لأرسنال سيملك كم كافي من المعلومات قبل قراءة هذا الكتاب وفي [...]

    14. A good account of the 20 years at Arsenal surrounding Arsene Wenger's tenure at the club. Even for a supporter like myself who's old enough to have followed since the 1980's and is knowledgeable of Wenger's impact at the club. For supporter's it gets pretty depressing near the end as the 2011 edition covers the barren spell without silverware and it's clearly affected the Flynn's tone. It's probably best I let it sit on the shelf until after the 2014 FA Cup victory!

    15. A very interesting read for any Arsenal fan, or indeed any fan of English football. It describes how Wenger, David Dein, and the board transformed Arsenal into the massive club it is today. It is very interesting to read about the politics that occur inside of Arsenal and how much they affect the club.Its a good read, i would recommend it to any Arsenal fan.

    16. I enjoyed the book. A well-written history of growth of a Super Club !The book really summarised the impact of Arsene Wenger on Arsenal. The book really analysed well the impact of the Invincibles or the tough years of moving to Emirates. This book is a must for fans of Arsene Wenger.The book really tries hard to be neutral and give viewpoints of David Dein also well.

    17. A really interesting look at the evolution of Arsenal FC, albeit slightly dated now. My copy goes up to the summer between 2010/11 and 2011/12, so some of the points in it have since been superseded (the purchase of Özil, for example). That being said it is still a really good read. I'd love to know what the authors have made of the last three seasons.

    18. This is very well researched and contains a lot of background behind the scenes at Arsenal, especially in terms of manoeuvers in the boardroom and who the various major shareholders are. There's a lot of football here as well, but the book covers more than the on-field activities. As a result, parts of the book are more dry than others.

    19. Boka kobler viser hvordan alt som skjer på styretrommet til banen speiler hverandre. Alt påvirker alt. Anbefales for alle som er inntressert i Arsenal forandring fra "boring, boring Arsenal" på starten av 90-tallet, til den klubben Arsenal er idag.In Arsène wr trust.

    20. It's a very good book for someone like me, a new football fan and who loved arsenal but didn't have much knowledge about its history. It tells about the problems, struggles and philosophy of the board and manager to secure a good future for the club. Definitely worth a read

    21. Interesting read. Gives a good insight to Arsenal, but it does raises more questions than gives answers. I thought it would be a more specific guide on the construction of a modern super club, but in reality it was more of an account of the Arsenal Football Club.

    22. I read this book in 2 days after sitting on my shelf for 2 years. I loved it, gave good insight to Arsenal and to the dealing that brought Arsene to the club and all the details of the new stadium and betrayal of certain key figures.

    23. Perspectives from the board members, the managers, players and most importantly fans; but the Professor handled it so subtly that the club modernization wasn't noticeable til I finished reading this book!

    24. Impressive piece of work by a recognized football guru. Unbiased yet detail. Very easy to read and addictive!

    25. I do refer back to this book from time to time - to remind me of how it all started (the modern side) - I also have the newer edition.

    26. Very very insightful. Tells the story of the story behind Arsenal; in the boardroom and on the training ground.

    27. A top book on how Arsenal operates & the role of Wenger & Dein in making it a completely self sufficient club.

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