The Mystery of the Moaning Cave

The Mystery of the Moaning Cave Many years ago the young bandit El Diablo disappeared into a cave never to be seen again Now an eerie moaning sound is coming from his old hideout and the ranchers who live nearby think he may stil

  • Title: The Mystery of the Moaning Cave
  • Author: William Arden
  • ISBN: 9780394837734
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • Many years ago, the young bandit El Diablo disappeared into a cave, never to be seen again Now an eerie moaning sound is coming from his old hideout, and the ranchers who live nearby think he may still be alive.The Three Investigators set out to explore the moaning caveand soon wish they had come armed with than a flashlight Many years ago, the young bandit El Diablo disappeared into a cave, never to be seen again Now an eerie moaning sound is coming from his old hideout, and the ranchers who live nearby think he may still be alive.The Three Investigators set out to explore the moaning cave and soon wish they had come armed with than a flashlight

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    1. My first ever "Three Investigators" mystery - and I fell in love with the team. (Ironically, I had originally thought that Hitchcock wrote these mysteries, which is why I bought them! I was disabused only very late, several novels into the series.) Pete Crenshaw, the active sportsman and the muscles of the team: the quiet and studious Bob Andrews, the knowledge bank of the team: and Jupiter Jones, the fat leader who contrived to look stupid, the brain of the team. I especially loved Jupiter, lik [...]

    2. I love this series! Another great mystery starring the teenage sleuths. In this one, we find the boys at a ranch trying to find out what's been scaring all the ranch hands away. I was shocked we didn't see another boy their own age around, as that has been a staple of the series, but this time it was mostly just the main three.I will say the ending was slightly predictable, as I had figured out who the real bad guy was fairly early. That being said, there were still several twists and turns in t [...]

    3. Buku ini merupakan bagian dari serial Alfred Hitchcock dan Trio Detektif. Judul asli buku ini adalah The Mistery oh the Mouning Cave dan diterjemahkan menjadi Misteri Goa Raungan. Seri ini mengisahkan Trio Detektif (Jupiter, Pete dan Bob) yang sedang berlibur di rumah ayah Pete yakni Mr. Dalton. Mr Dalton ini seorang petani yang memiliki lahan pertanian di kaki gunung yang cukup luas dan didalamnya terdapat sebuah goa. Goa ini dinamakan Goa Raungan karena secara misterius goa ini pada saat-saat [...]

    4. Why I Reread This Book: I was lucky enough to find a hardcover edition a few weeks back and decided to reread it as a comfort when I and my wife were sick.The Three Investigators was easily my favorite detective series as a kid, and two or three of the books had a huge impact on me. I don't think I read The Mystery of the Moaning Cave until I started collecting the books a few years back.The series was created, and set up, by Robert Arthur. I'd thought he wrote the first ten in the series, but t [...]

    5. Update: Beim zweiten Mal hat mir das Buch besser gefallen und ich hab es mal von zwei auf drei Sterne hochgewertet. Vielleicht ganz einfach weil es jetzt das 10. Buch der Originalreihe ist, die ich alle nach einander lese, und ich mich jetzt schon mehr in den altmodischen Stil eingelesen habe. So richtig spannend ist das Buch zwar immer noch nicht, aber irgendwie charmant. Review von 2016: Ich kann ja mit vielen der klassischen amerikanischen ??? Bücher weniger anfangen (meine eigenen "Klassike [...]

    6. ** Books 166 - 2016 **3,1 dari 5 bintang! Dulu suka sekali dengan kisah lima sekawannya enid Blyton dan Alfred Hitchock lalu ketemu buku ini jadi kangen buat ngobatin rindu kepada lima sekawan. Ceritanya biasa saja mengenai kasus gua yang meraung di tengah malam dan diselidiki oleh ketiga detektif muda (Jupiter, Pete dan Bob). Pembunuhnya juga bisa tertebak dengan mudah >__<Favorit saya pastinya Jupiter dong gilaaa analisa dan deduksinya Pinter dan jeli banget!Terimakasih iJak untuk peminj [...]

    7. This is the very first 3I book I ever read. After 37 years, it's still a firm favourite. The boys go to the Crooked Y ranch, where the cave in Devil's Mountain has started to moan again after 50 years. They come upon a diamond mine, eccentric old prospectors and a 19th century Mexican bandit. This was the first of several books for the series penned by William Arden, but he emulated the original author's style so well that few readers noticed the difference. A very good storyurdecades/20

    8. Ijak #4Kurasa inilah pertama kalinya aku membaca cerita Trio Detektif, karena aku tidak ingat pernah membacanya waktu kecil. Ternyata petualangan mereka lumayan seru dan menegangkan juga.Jelas sekali pemimpinnya adalah Jupiter, dia yang paling pintar sehingga dia sangat mendominasi dibanding dua orang temannya yang harus unjuk gigi dengan porsi lebih sedikit. Suka dengan mereka, tapi Jupiter agak songong ini bocah.Dan yeeeiiii pelaku tebakanku benar.

    9. gw suka pada kisah Misteri Gua Raungan ini. Kisahnya cukup mendebarkan dan alur ceritanya enak untuk dibaca.

    10. AH&T3I Update: 10 read, 18 hardbacks to go!For the first time in the series, someone other than Robert Arthur, Jr wrote the story. This time Dennis Lynds, aka William Arden, picked up the pen and created this Three Investigators book. He did well to match the style, personalities, and general tone of Robert Arthur's original characters and story line. Perhaps moving this story away from Rocky Beach to a resort ranch some distance away so that the boys can experience a little mini-vacation he [...]

    11. Dulu, waktu baca Trio Detektif pas SMP, saya kira penulis bukunya Alfred Hitchcok. Sekarang saya sudah tahu kalau nama penulisnya ternyata Robert Arthur. Jadi sempat lola ketika membaca nama penulis di buku ini adalah William Arden. Nah siapa pula beliau ini? Setelah dilihat-lihat lagi, saya baru lihat tulisan "Based on Characters by Robert Arthur". Oh jadi gitu. *ngangguk-ngangguk*.Terus di bagian terakhir, biasanya kan Trio Detektif melaporkan hasil penyelidikan mereka ke Alfred Hitchcok, nah [...]

    12. The story here relates to an eerie moaning sound coming from a cave and some recent accidents happening in and around the ranch located near this cave. Some age-old myths and legends which need to be uncovered with logical reasoning and investigation are where these young lads (Jupiter, Pete, and Bob - The Trio) land, always looking for trouble. A thrilling story with characters full of eerieness and suspicion makes it an exciting read till the last page. How Jupe/Jupiter deduces and reaches fin [...]

    13. Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw, and Bob Andrews are staying with their friends, the Daltons, on their ranch the Crooked-Y when they become aware that an eerie moaning sound appears to be emanating from a cave on the property. The Daltons’ ranch hands are quitting – they believe that the moans are being made by a famous Spanish bandito who once roamed the California hills and disappeared in the many caves therein.The Three Investigators don’t believe that the sounds are being caused by a ghos [...]

    14. Der Teufelsberg ist eine Folge, die ich nie so richtig "leiden" konnte, obwohl sie spannend, gut durchdacht und mit einem tollen Schluss versehen ist. Aber genauso wie "die Geisterinsel" oder "der lachende Schatten" habe ich mit dieser Folge nie so richtig die Drei Fragezeichen verbunden; keine Ahnung wieso.Als ich jetzt, als 33jährige, das Buch noch einmal gelesen habe (hören tue ich sie trotz allem immer mal wieder), muss ich meine Meinung ändern. Zwar ist sie immer noch keine meiner Liebli [...]

    15. An old cave, rumoured to be the resting place of a famed bandit called El Diablo, has suddenly begun to moan and no-one knows why. There by accident - Pete’s dad knows the ranch owners - the boys decide to investigate and came up against legends of the Old One, a scar-faced mystery man, two old prospectors and a gripping mystery. The first non-Arthur book (he gets the credit, William Arden wrote it), this is well-written, clever and full of atmosphere - well worth a read.2013 re-read - My 2009 [...]

    16. Fans of The Lost Boys will recognize the city of Santa Carla in this 1968 young adult thriller by William Arden. For readers who know California, Santa Carla is roughly Santa Cruz with a little bit of Santa Clara thrown in.In The Mystery of the Moaning Cave, the three investigators decide to solve the mystery behind a recently moaning cave rumored to be the resting place of El Diablo, a Zorro-like figure. The cave sits on the property of the Crooked-Y Ranch.The three investigators use a number o [...]

    17. The first book of the series not written by Robert Arthur, it's a decent mystery and story with some downsides.The boys are suddenly scuba diving and horse riding experts? This really bothered me, especially the scuba diving part. In the books by Robert Arthur the boys were much more believable as average adolescents who were great at solving mysteries. The whole thing with the navy was another unnecessary, unbelievable part of the story. The mystery itself was pretty decent and while parts of i [...]

    18. I don't know why these books never "made it" bigger than they did. I sure enjoyed them as a child. The mysteries seemedachable somehow to me. Like they were something that if I had been part of the team, I could have contributed to solving them. And yet they weren't boringly predictable (at least at my then younger age). I'm considering collecting these now as an adult in hopes that my kids may become interested in them. -And I guess because I'm sentimentally geeky that way about the books of my [...]

    19. I think this one might have been the first of this series that I read. It was soon after my "Western" phase, and the Mexican outlaw had enough western flavor to interest me at the time. After that I was hooked on the Three Investigators and quickly devoured all of the series that the local library had. I read mysteries for a while after that.

    20. Reviewing this series for my older boy, since it was one of my favorites when I was his age. It's striking how much freedom these boys took for granted at 12-13 (I've never been able to decide how old they really are; all I know for sure is that in none of them are they old enough to drive or care that much about girls).

    21. Onhan näistä hieman parasta ennen päiväys jo mennyt ohi, mutta kyllä sen verran on tatsia jäljellä, että muistaa miksi tämä sarja oli lapsuuteni suuria suosikkeja. En taida vinkata, mutta jos joku meinaa poistaa näitä _minun_ kirjastostani, niin varautukoon kokemaan jumalten vihan jne.

    22. This is the first of the series with a different author and you can tell. Just not as good as the previous books, not as exciting, plot not as well developed, characters just a little bit flat.I enjoyed it but wouldn't recommend it unless you either have excess time or already own the book.

    23. I loved these as a kid and still own them.loved the era and a lot of connections to movies.I have original hardback editions, 1-22, missing book 3 I think. I'd love to find a hardcover of this.

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