Doctor Who: Apollo 23

Doctor Who Apollo For a few moments this afternoon it rained on the moon An astronaut in full spacesuit appears out of thin air in a busy shopping centre Maybe it s a publicity stunt A photo shows a well dressed woman

  • Title: Doctor Who: Apollo 23
  • Author: Justin Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For a few moments this afternoon, it rained on the moon An astronaut in full spacesuit appears out of thin air in a busy shopping centre Maybe it s a publicity stunt A photo shows a well dressed woman in a red coat lying dead at the edge of a crater on the dark side of the moon beside her beloved dog Poochie Maybe it s a hoax But as the Doctor and Amy find For a few moments this afternoon, it rained on the moon An astronaut in full spacesuit appears out of thin air in a busy shopping centre Maybe it s a publicity stunt A photo shows a well dressed woman in a red coat lying dead at the edge of a crater on the dark side of the moon beside her beloved dog Poochie Maybe it s a hoax But as the Doctor and Amy find out, these are just minor events in a sinister plan to take over every human being on earth The plot centres on a secret military base on the moon that s where Amy and the TARDIS are.The Doctor is back on Earth, and without the TARDIS there s no way he can get to the moon to save Amy and defeat the aliens Or is there The Doctor discovers one last great secret that could save humanity Apollo 23.A thrilling, all new adventure featuring the Doctor and Amy, as played by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in the hit Doctor Who series from BBC Television

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    1. "You're either very brilliant or completely mad," she told the Doctor."Both, actually. But veering toward the brilliant."An astronaut appears in a burger restaurant in a mall. A lady and her dog appear on the moon. What do these two extraordinary events have in common? Incidentally, a lot. On a secret base housed in the dark side of the moon, there is a group of researchers who have no idea they are being targeted by a hostile alien force. And it's up to the Doctor and Amy to save the day before [...]

    2. Although I was nervous about how well the Doctor Who novelists would be able to capture the personality of the Eleventh Doctor in the new series of novels, I am happy to report that Justin Richards knows his Doctor Who, and some how knows the Eleventh Doctor. It is really easy to read "Apollo 23" because it feels like an episode of the show, with strong characterization of the main character. Amy comes across as pretty generic, but that doesn't seem so much a fault of Richards as a compliment to [...]

    3. And so my first read for 2012 ends up being a Doctor Who novel.I saw this on a stand at the library last week and grabbed it just as I was about to leave. It sat on the shelf with the other library books and I forgot about. I saw it there yesterday and thought I'd pick it up.It's been a hard couple of weeks for me, with my 7 year old with ADHD at home for the summer holidays and my CFS dragging me down. I don't think I could read anything complicated if I tried. I'm slowly rereading Susan Dexter [...]

    4. Being a Doctor Who fanboy, I enjoyed this book. I had no problem staying in the story when there were aspects to the plot like mind-control, secret moon bases, and even balloon-like alien creatures known as Talerians. All fine and dandy.What always gets to me in these stories, though, are the little things. An alien race files away things using a filing system built around our alphabet and numbering system? They speak to each other in our language? Meh. I know it's fiction and purely entertainme [...]

    5. This was a really interesting book! I'm a big fan of the Doctor Who tie-in novels and this one did not dissapoint. I chose it because of the title, as I'm a huge NASA geek and I love reading about the Apollo program. This was an intriguing story involving a base on the moon and a mystery for the Doctor to solve. I won't give away the full story, it's a great one to read. Justin Richards captures the Eleventh Doctor's voice just as well as he did for the Tenth, so well that I could hear Matt Smit [...]

    6. nwhytevejournal/1443025mlJustin Richards has written more Doctor Who books than anyone except Terrance Dicks, and those I've read have included more hits than misses. However, this isn't one of his more memorable contributions to the quasi-canon; at first it seems like an Eleventh Doctor rehash of The Seeds of Death but in fact the resolution is much closer to The Faceless Ones. Lots of stuff thrown in here without quite gelling - quantum wormholes, aliens just happening to take over a secret mo [...]

    7. I've never read a Doctor Who novel before, but I picked this up on a lark. I worried that it would read like some adolescent fan fiction. But instead I was wonderfully surprised. It reminded me of the 1950s and 60s pulp sci-fi that I consumed as an adolescent. It's quite full of the humor (should I say "humour"?) of the new Who. Take this description of the first time we see the moon base: "The whole thing looked like it had been made out of enormous egg boxes for some children's school project. [...]

    8. Started with a good idea, but quickly devolved into standard fare. Good, but more for fans of licensed works.

    9. Etant devenue complètement accro à la série Doctor Who, je n’ai pas pu passer à côté de ce premier tome! J’avoue que je misais pas mal sur ce livre car je comptais dessus pour me faire patienter jusqu’aux prochains épisodes. Malheureusement, je ressors un peu déçue de cette lecture.Quoique un peu court, on retrouve quand même le même rythme que dans la série: aucune longueur, les actions s’enchainent et comme le dirait Jenny: on court très souvent.On retrouve aussi les petit [...]

    10. Originally posted 25 October 2010 on Falling Letters.***Normally I don't purchase these kind of things: novelizations of movies, books based on television shows, etc. But I may have a tiny obsession with DW and there is such a long wait between July and the lone Christmas episode and then finally another season in April and I had a Chapters gift card and it was only $12 and I thought I would just buy one to see what it's like. The Doctor Who novels are not just book versions of the television se [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book. It was different as the aliens were basically the human's who just happened to be under control of the aliens. The Alien's were unique and I was glad that they didn't show up until the end other wise it probably would've ruined the story. I liked that the Doctor wasn't really sure that his plan would work, the plan he had about combining all of the stored minds in the water system did really seem that it wouldn't work. At least that was voiced otehr wise I would've be [...]

    12. I love Doctor Who and this book was entertaining. My only issue was that the author was writing about Houston, TX (which is where I grew up) and got it all wrong. The book describes it as being the heart of Texas, dry, hot, and desert like. The only thing correct in that statement is the hot part. For some reason, he thinks that we launch NASA rockets from Texas as well. It would have been nice if he had done just a little bit of research. A quick Google search could have fixed that little probl [...]

    13. This book was so cute and fun and I loved how Matt Smith's Doctor and Karen Gillan's Amy Pond were portrayed as they are in the show. Even when the storylines become prolonged on TV the books are the adventures that I want, with monsters and bad guys and good guys and a resolution at the end, that makes sense, not a sequel or a two part finale.As much as I enjoyed this read I have to give it 3 stars because these books are consistent in quality to me and I wouldn't give them all 4 or 5 stars, or [...]

    14. I listened to the audio version of this book. It was read by James Albrecht and I thought he did a great job. I loved all the different voices he did, though a few of them (some of the American ones) seemed a little off but still I like that each character had a distinct voice.The story itself was pretty interesting. I loved how, for the most part, the story took place on the moon. Amy and the Doctor seemed almost exactly as they are on TV, with a few things that seemed off for both of them. All [...]

    15. Aliens, weird goings on, and the Doctor and Amy are smack in the middle of it. No surprises there, and plenty of escapades, technology puzzles and general brokenness for the Doctor to fix. The narrator does a good job of handling Matt Smith's speech patterns without the high speed drawback of MS himself, and does a decent Amy too. It was unfortunate he had so many American accents to do, because those weren't as strong, but honestly, I didn't care as long as I knew who was talking!

    16. I could barely finish it. No, it wasn't very good, although I did enjoy the reference to the classic episode "Frontier in Space." If you love the Doctor, you might be able to finish it like I did. Barely.

    17. A solid read, but more concerned with keeping a tight plot than letting loose & taking risks. A bit of a clincal read, spiced up by a strong command of the 11th Doctor & Amy. I think of it as a bit of a modern update of the 2nd Doctor story "The Moonbase"without the pithy Cybermen.

    18. The Dr. and Amy are at a food court when a man in a spacesuit just appears out of nowhere. Turns out the US has a top secret lunar project that is malfunctioning. But when they investigate there is more - much more to the story. Fun romp.

    19. Amy Pond, Doctor and Moon and yet it was just a mess. "I've seen him working the last day. Never mind six impossible things before breakfast, he'll get through sixty and still have time to make the toast."

    20. Apollo 23 is an Eleventh Doctor and Amy adventure.I really enjoyed it. It reminded me a lot of an Old School Who episode, sinister goings on at an isolated base, with the Doctor blundering in.The book has lots of really neat touches, like the Doctor's child-like glee at getting to ride in an Apollo spacecraft, and something which feels like the author using descriptive flannel turns out to be a vitally important detail. It catches the Doctor just right, I particularly like the line about "I've g [...]

    21. Everything about this one is pretty engaging; the quantum system that seems like it's going to be the point of the book turns out to be somewhat incidental, it's an Amy without Rory story, and those can be refreshing, the pacing is good, and it's newer Eleventh Doctor, so we're still in super-cocky territory. The way that information (people's thoughts and memories) is transmitted in-book is a little far-fetched and weird, but hey - it's Who. Good villain, good supporting cast. Enjoyed.

    22. British writers who want to use “Americanisms” really should do their research. That being said, it was really my only problem with the book, and it was a very minor annoyance. Apollo 23 is a straightforward, fun sci-fi adventure with the Doctor and Amy. The story starts out strong, with an intriguing mystery and simple but effective imagery. (view spoiler)[ An unnamed man suffocates to death in the middle of a park, while not far away, an American astronaut inexplicably pops into a British [...]

    23. This is my first book of the year and it's already nearly the end of January! That's not a very promising start at all. My first book was a Doctor Who novel featuring the Doctor in his shiny new Eleventh incarnation. I wasn't sure how I'd enjoy it, primarily because I'm not overly sure how much I like Eleven compared to Ten. I thought this was a good one to start with because the author has written quite a few Doctor Who novels already and I've quite enjoyed the ones of his that I've read so far [...]

    24. “Apollo 23” è una delle tipiche puntate prettamente fantascientifiche del Dottore, quelle in cui i nostri eroi si ritrovano bloccati in una base spaziale da qualche parte nell’universo ad affrontare una terrificante minaccia aliena.In questo caso, la location è una base sul lato oscuro della luna.Tutto comincia in una giornata piovigginosa in Inghilterra. Un uomo soffoca senza nessun motivo apparente, una donna e il suo cane vengono ritrovati morti accanto a un cratere sulla luna e un as [...]

    25. It is a long time since I have read a Doctor Who book,in fact I spent my childhood years reading the old Target books which were based on actual TV episodes.I was always a bit of a nerd and all I ever wanted for Birthdays or for Christmas was Dr Who books or a dog. (I never got my dog!)I loved reading those Target books and I think they were partly responsible for my wanting to write and to become a proper writer one day.This is one of the newer breed of Dr Who books which are not based on episo [...]

    26. As a relatively new fan of the Doctor, I'm at that point in my fandom whereby I want to immerse myself the Doctor universe and read all the stories I can about him. The latest addition to my Doctor book collection is Apollo 23.Somehow, a woman and her dog end up dead on the moon; at almost the same time, an astronaut working on the moon finds himself in a London shopping mall. How could this happen? Ah! Secret government technology (not well understood, mind you, since it's the government we're [...]

    27. Apollo 23 (2010) 248 pages, Dr. Who novel, by Justin Richards.Base Diana on the moon and Base Hibiscus in the Texas desert have been connected by a quantum displacement for decades. That is until recently, something went wrong and the quantum displacement was momentarily in London. The Doctor arrives in London to find a man dead of asphyxiation and a man walking around in a spacesuit. The Doctor traces those events in London to the moon. He and Amy take the TARDIS to the outskirts of base Diana. [...]

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