Without Mercy: Obsession And Murder Under The Influence

Without Mercy Obsession And Murder Under The Influence None

  • Title: Without Mercy: Obsession And Murder Under The Influence
  • Author: Gary Provost
  • ISBN: 9780671669966
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover
  • None

    One thought on “Without Mercy: Obsession And Murder Under The Influence”

    1. Most of this book is devoted to describing the characters and events that took place. It's well organized and reads like a novel. In fact, my major criticism is the use of second person POV in a few of the chapters. There's no courtroom scenes. Kevin Pierce delivers his customary outstanding performance. He really knows how to read true crime. This book was originally published in 1989, just a few years after the crime and trial. The audiobook was published much more recently, however, and I thi [...]

    2. Without Mercy is one of those books where you don't want to give away too much in a review. So, I'll start by saying that this book involves murder, deceit, and a cast of morally corrupt characters.At the top of the list of morally corrupt characters is a man by the name of James Allen Bryant. Allen is a narcissist. He is a pathological liar. He is also a psychopath. Take him out of the equation and there is no murder. There are no death sentences. There are no families torn apart. Everything th [...]

    3. 4.5 stars // another gripping non-fiction story that reads like a thriller. The timing for me was also perfect and uncanny. I started it (coincidentally) after listening to Hidden Brain (podcast) episode 66 "liar liar" AND after I'd started re-reading AA/al-anon literature a few weeks ago 😱 talk about putting it all in spectacular perspective.This book really shows how the disease of alcoholism rots the mind but also how it's not one big turn or missed exit, but a million little steps (that w [...]

    4. Fascinating!! I couldn't stop reading.This book is such an insightful look into the twisted life of a woman ravaged by alcoholism and low self esteem. It was frightening to me how her life spiraled even farther downward when her path crossed with Bryant and he involved her in his greedy plot. Great book!!

    5. A Really Fast ReadFirst time I have read a book by this particular author. It was well written and very easy to follow the story line. Will check out more of his books

    6. This was a great True Crime book. I would recommend this book to anyone, also I am glad that justice was served.

    7. True CrimeGary Prevost writes about thffecte. evolution of a murder case a and the effect of alcohol on one of the murderers.

    8. decent true crime. never heard of this case, despite being from FL. really examines the psychology and motivation of Dee Casteel, which i found fascinating.

    9. ** Review of Audio Format **For the Love of Moneyd ScotchDee Casteel got caught up in a bad set of circumstances that put her on death row. Her alcoholism led her further and further down a path of destruction for herself and two innocent people that just happened to get in the way of her alcohol.The author here tries really hard to humanize Dee and make her crimes the result of her bad relationships and say that it happened because she was in love with a gay man. This doesn’t hold water with [...]

    10. Without Mercy: Obsession and Murder Under the Influence: Gary ProvostThis is quite the story of romance or not, thievery, murder and much more. If this happened there it could happen anywhere unethical people live.The narration was well done.Kevin Pierce is excellent at true life crime drama. When I see his name I automatically request to hear the next incredible tale. "I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator."

    11. You feel like you are in the twilight zone reading this book. A one sided love, greed, alcoholism, lost dreams, it has it all. How does a mother of three, a wife and a hard working waitress end up on death row? One of the lessons to be learned here is that Dee was your neighbor, your friend. An every day person just like you and me yet as she fell even she did not know just how far the bottom was.

    12. Didn't Bored Me, Peaked My CuriosityMr. Provost wrote a pretty good yarn here. I t doesn't meander all over the place. A simple story of how someone like a Pancake House waitress can actually be a murderer. Pith Mr. Provost. That's your forté.

    13. Once again the book should how destructive alcohol is to many people. It makes good people do dumb or bad things and bad people worse.

    14. I was hooked after reading the preface and from that point on the story just kept getting weirder and more interesting.

    15. Okay bookNot as good as other true crime writers but was a good read. I did not feel for any of the accused. They made the choice.

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