Ring of Fire III

Ring of Fire III Collection of rollicking and idea packed alternate history tales written by today s hottest science fiction writers and edited by New York Times best seller Eric Flint After a cosmic accident sets t

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  • Title: Ring of Fire III
  • Author: Eric Flint
  • ISBN: 9781439134481
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Collection 3 of rollicking and idea packed alternate history tales written by today s hottest science fiction writers and edited by New York Times best seller Eric Flint After a cosmic accident sets the modern day West Virginia town of Grantville down in war torn seventeenth century Europe, these everyday, resourceful Americans must adapt or be trod into the dust of thCollection 3 of rollicking and idea packed alternate history tales written by today s hottest science fiction writers and edited by New York Times best seller Eric Flint After a cosmic accident sets the modern day West Virginia town of Grantville down in war torn seventeenth century Europe, these everyday, resourceful Americans must adapt or be trod into the dust of the past.Let s do the Time Warp again Another rollicking, thought provoking collection of tales by a star studded array of top writers such as bestseller Mercedes Lackey and Eric Flint himself all set in Eric Flint s phenomenal Ring of Fire series Rock on, Renaissance A cosmic accident sets the modern West Virginia town of Grantville down in war torn seventeenth century Europe It will take all the gumption of the resourceful, freedom loving up timers to find a way to flourish in mad and bloody end of medieval times Are they up for it You bet they are The third rollicking and idea packed collection of Grantville tales edited by Eric Flint, and inspired by his now legendary 1632.About Eric Flint s Ring of Fire series Eric Flint s 1632 universe seems to be inspiring a whole new crop of gifted alternate historians Booklist Eric Flint can entertain and edify in equal, and major, measure Publishers Weekly

    One thought on “Ring of Fire III”

    1. Though the third book of the Ring of Fire anthology series, "Ring of Fire III" is actually the 19th book of the actual Ring of Fire/1632 series; and as such it feels it's age. Originally created as a 'what if' of events when the present met past, this series by now feels like it has lost all focus of what to do and where to go.Some of the stories in Ring of Fire III were pretty interesting. The gem of the group was Mercedes Lackey's "Dye Another Day". Maybe it's because she's a well experienced [...]

    2. Great selection of short fiction set in the 1632 universe, especially the novella telling the tale of Tom and Rita Simpson during the Bavarian raid on Ingolstadt. Even the tale by Virginia DeMarce, who can be tedious in her historical facts, was an important bit of background to larger events.I'm still a big fan of this universe, partly because the regular folks and their reactions are such a big part of the stories being told. This volume also takes us into other parts of the world, and I look [...]

    3. This was a good follow up to the last two. Some major plot threads are taken care of and some new characters developed. A bunch of solid stories were in this one.

    4. The third RoF anthology was ok but because the universe of the series got too crowded with so many stories and side novels beyond the main storyline which is still excellent, and I was left very meh overall by it; not even the usually dependable main author (E Flint) novella contribution impressed me that much - the last 10 pages were very good but a lot of the rest was truly by the numbers prose i felt the author copy/pasted from other works and changed names and a little here and there. None o [...]

    5. From the Preface of Ring of Fire III:In one way or another, all of the stories in this volume open up or further develop various themes in the 1632 series.Flint's short novel (“Four Days on the Danube”) provides the sub-plot hinted at in 1636: The Saxon Uprising and serves as a bridge to the next novel in the series centered on Mike Stearns. Chuck Gannon’s story “Upward Mobility” comes just before Flint's because it provides some of the background for my story.Mercedes Lackey’s story [...]

    6. I have been in love with this series for 10 years now and look forward to every new book. Now that I got that love thing out of the way I can tell you that there are 21 short(mostly) stories in the volume. Most are a whole lot of fun and some are a little off for my taste. With alternative history there is always the chance for some startling changes for real life characters we are all familiar with. The one with Milton was one of my favorite and surely rolls with what can happen when the time l [...]

    7. The continuing saga of Grantville. The Ring of Fire books (those with that title, not the series) are more connected than the Gazettes, but not as connected as, say, The Ram Rebellion. Some of the stories were good, and some of them were very good. I definitely enjoy this series, though my enjoyment has definitely morphed. Originally, it was the problem of survival in a time displacement; now, it is clear that the town is here to stay, and its a question of how will history change as a result of [...]

    8. Another excellent entry to the 'Ring of Fire' canon. Stories from established authors like Eric Flint and Mercedes Lackey are supported by entries from less well known authors.If you were given the chance to read all the work you would write in the future, what would you do. This is the dilemma facing John Milton in Mark Huston's 'Milton's Choice'. Arrest on the orders of King Charles he is given the chance to read all his fututre work and asked to re-write two works critical of the King, or fac [...]

    9. Just started this book other than the first story it been very weak. Hopfully it well inprove as it goes along. There are some good storys in this book. Over all I gave it only 3 stars and very weak 3 stars. This book was not nearly as good as the early ones. Many of the stories did not grab you as the earlier books in the Ring of Fire did.

    10. Wonderful!Except for about 25 missing pages. I've sent the book back to the seller since the manufacturer has not replied.I've been buying books since the second grade, maybe forty-six years now, and this is the first really defective book I've ever bought out of my library of over three thousand books. That's not too bad an average I think.

    11. A very good update on lots of our characters.This world is moving very fast.I like what I see.The change of European historty is begining to show effects in other places around the world.I like it!Watch the skies above. Technology is coming.

    12. This a collection of short stories by top writers based on characters and events from the 1632 novel. All good, some better than others and n Eric's forward,it looks like there is plenty more to come as the new Grantville changed history expands to the far east and the Americas.

    13. I love the Ring of Fire universe but I found the short stories in this book to be more uneven than in the previous Ring of Fire anthologies. This felt more like a Grantville Gazette book than a Ring of Fire.

    14. Though the multitude of characters is often bewildering in this series, this volume contains several excellent short stories that are largely tied together. It was enjoyable, and could even be enjoyed independently of other books in the series.

    15. I've always liked the 'Ring of Fire' universe, and this book is worth buying for the first story alone: Mercedes Lackey's "Dye Another Day."

    16. Good collection.One story involving airships is great.This is still occuring around the 30 years War but there are changes.

    17. A solid book for this series and much better than the Grantville Gazette book. A lot of prologue for other novels and a good Eric Flint piece.

    18. A collection of tales set in the 1632 universe that fill in gaps in the main storyline. The last tale is crucial in filling in details in the sideshow that is Bohemia. Enjoy at your own risk.

    19. I read this book when it came out in 2011, and in context with the series, it was pretty good. Now, there are maybe three stories that are still good. The rest are meh. Not bad, just boring.

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