Applewhites at Wit's End

Applewhites at Wit s End Jack Semple and E D Applewhite are back in this middle grade sequel to Stephanie S Tolan s Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites Teenager E D the not so artistic not at all eccentric member o

  • Title: Applewhites at Wit's End
  • Author: Stephanie S. Tolan
  • ISBN: 9780060579388
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Jack Semple and E.D Applewhite are back, in this middle grade sequel to Stephanie S Tolan s Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites.Teenager E.D the not so artistic, not at all eccentric member of the unconventional Applewhite clan, can t believe the plan her father has hatched to save the family from financial disaster He s decided to transform their rural NorthJack Semple and E.D Applewhite are back, in this middle grade sequel to Stephanie S Tolan s Newbery Honor Book Surviving the Applewhites.Teenager E.D the not so artistic, not at all eccentric member of the unconventional Applewhite clan, can t believe the plan her father has hatched to save the family from financial disaster He s decided to transform their rural North Carolina farm into a summer camp for creative children.Soon the farm is packed with temperamental artists, out of control campers, and an even out of control goat It s all a little too much for structure loving E.D even before threatening notes begin appearing in the family mailbox Together with Jake Semple the boy who survived his first year in the Applewhites home school she s determined to save the camp and the family from disaster.Like Carl Hiassan s Chomp, Applewhites at Wit s End combines outrageous humor and the frustrations and joys of being part of a family.

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    1. I won Applewhites at Wit's End as a LibraryThing Member Giveaway – and for that I have to thank them, because I enjoyed it thoroughly. It's yet another YA novel I wish had been around when I belonged to the targeted audience – it would have been an annual read. Wit's End is – well, it sounds like heaven, in its way. It is a 16-acre former motor lodge which has been turned into a creative compound reigned over by the massively talented Applewhite clan. Clan in the classic sense: the extende [...]

    2. I am currently reading Applewhites at Wit's End by Stephanie S. Tolan. This book is the sequel to Surviving the Applewhites. In the book, the very talented Applewhite family is going on broke. To save their beloved property, Wit's End, the Applewhites decide to have a summer camp to raise money. I really like the youngest Applewhite, Destiny, because he's very funny. I remember driving by a ranch around Kingsville, Texas, that sounds a lot like Wit's End. They both have really cool ponds. I was [...]

    3. I just was NOT into this sequel. It had none of the first book's charm for me, which is too bad because it's about many things I love in life like theatre, music, art, etc. I was just bored, but since there were Sound of Music references, I couldn't just give it one star. Probably my biggest issue is that the author makes Destiny talk like a baby through the whole thing. What 5-year-old really talks like that??

    4. Another mediocre book that just fizzled out. Apparently despite all being fairly famous artists, the clan brings in very little money (mostly just the book royalties). Why they would pool it all together in one trust is weird (considering how much they squabble and how irresponsible members are), but it starts with all the money being stolen. A crazy plan to be a summer camp is hatched, and it goes off running. Apparently they are charging so much to these students that they can pay off their mo [...]

    5. The Applewhites need to raise money quickly and they decide with all the creative people in the family the most perfect thing would be a summer arts camp.E.D. does tons of planning which is wrecked almost immediately.But things really do come together when everyone works as an ensemble.

    6. We all have those books that helped define who we were growing up. We tend to remember which picture book we enjoyed the most when we were being tucked into bed at night. We remember the first real chapter book we ever read, over and over praising ourselves for the big step we were taking from books with pictures to book with purely words. And, eventually, we remember those books that helped to shape us into the individuals we are today. Growing up, I read Surviving the Applewhites when I was in [...]

    7. Review by Karen, intended for young readers:Applewhites at Wit’s End by Stephanie S. Tolan is the sequel to Surviving the Applewhites. If you’ve read the first book, then you know that the Applewhites are an eccentric family of artists living out in the country where they can do their furniture design, sculpture, writing, dancing, acting, directing, and singing without being bothered by anyone else. They are a bold and colorful group, not to be contained by anyone else’s rules.In the first [...]

    8. The first thought that comes to mind after finishing the novel"Yay!!"The story starts with the Applewhites in danger of losing their home due to financial strains. So to solve their money problem, E.D.'s father, Randolph Applewhite, comes up with a plan to save their property starting a creative kids summer camp where kids will learn singing, dancing, painting, woodworking and sculpturing. Things get off to a rocky start. Campers want to go home and no one is getting along. Then a man in a suit [...]

    9. You can think of it as the jumbo-sized version of "let's put on a play and save the old school" -- let's put on a summer camp and save our family homestead! As Applewhites at Wit's End opens, the Applewhite clan -- a three-generation collective of creative types, all but one of whom are family members -- have lost all of their money due to accounting fraud, and are in danger of losing Wit's End, their combination home/studio/playhouse, which they've built from an abandoned motor lodge. In order [...]

    10. When their bookkeeper absconds with most of their funds, the Applewhites know desperate times are at hand. They decide to turn their large property, a former motor inn, into a summer arts camp called Eureka! to help pay the mortgage. The adults, Jake, Cordelia, and Hal will lead workshops in their areas of expertise, while E.D. takes on organizing the camp, complete with spreadsheets and schedules. Young Destiny will be the mascot! Hoping to attract a minimum of twelve campers, they settle for s [...]

    11. This sequel to Surviving the Applewhites (2002) focuses more on the eccentric family living at Wit's End rather than on Jake, the boy who ends up being fostered by them. The family is having monetary problems, and decides to solve them by having a summer camp for creative children. They manage to get a few children to come, but they turn out to be spoiled, demanding, and interested in following their own programs. E.D. and Jake end up in charge as the parents and various relatives are conspicuou [...]

    12. Good: excellent characterization; Well paced plot; Great feeling of setting; (view spoiler)[Crushes and teen romance handled pretty well (although my "instant" crushes never survived as much dreadful behaviour on his part as E.D.'s did. And I wasn't sure if I liked that kiss at the very end. I definately aproved of Jake and E.D. liking eachother and thought it came about in a very natural and healthy way, but I guess I just don't like too much mush at 13 and 14 years old) (hide spoiler)]; Good p [...]

    13. What a fun sequel to this story by Stephanie Tolan! I just finished Applewhites at Wit’s End by Stephanie Tolan. What a fun read! The Applewhites are a creative multi generational family living on a large parcel of land in North Carolina. In order to keep from loosing their land they start a creative camp for the summer. I don’t know how realistic it is but it’s a fun story about how a group of self centered artistic teenagers turn into a cooperative ensemble to keep the camp going. The mo [...]

    14. I have taught the first book, Surviving the Applewhites, and actually find this to be a stronger book. It was nice to revisit the characters, and the children have evolved from where they were at in the first book- especially like the development of Jake and E.D The only thing I find frustrating while reading Applewhite books is how much I want to shake the parents! I know E.D. thrives and grows from the insane amount of responsibility she is expected to take on (in both books) but it seems like [...]

    15. In this sequel to Surviving the Applewhites, there are quite a few eccentric Applewhites of which to track. After all the family's savings disappear through an embezzler, they decide to start a camp for creative children in order to pay their bills. As the creative and artistic Applewhites and Jake Semple join forces, each one of them assumes responsibility for different workshops. Readers won't be surprised at the types of campers who show up or how many of the careful plans of E. D. are quickl [...]

    16. Not really a reviewjust a comment::When I found out that Surviving the Applewhites was going to have a second book, I was so excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on Applewhites at Wit's End! I'm happy to say that I was not disappointed. It was a good book!! The idea behind it was pretty neat and worked out nicely, I thought. =] Plus, hello, Jake Semple is awesome. x]] He will always be one of my favorite fictional characters of all time!! <3 SEMI-SPOILER if you haven't checked out the en [...]

    17. Sequel to Surviving the Applewhites. This is a fun read, but it probably makes more sense if you've read the first book. The artistic Applewhites are in financial trouble due to a crooked financial manager and to save their home, they decide to hold a summer camp for artistic children. They get a miscellaneous assortment of six children who aren't at all sure they want to be at the Applewhites' camp--no cell phones, no air conditioning, no swimming pool, just letters, fans, and a muddy pond. All [...]

    18. While not quite as amazing as its predecessor, Surviving the Applewhites the Applewhite family continues to entertain. Jake Semple has survived nearly one year with the artistic and eccentric Applewhites. A financial crisis may force the Applewhites to lose their home, but the family pulls together and decides to host a artistic Summer camp at Wit's End. The camp called Eureka! is created to help the campers to explore and expand their artistic abilities. E.D. the one non artistic Applewhite hel [...]

    19. Considering how unimpressed I was by the first one, it's a little surprising I read this one, but I'm glad I did. I liked this one so much more than the first one. The outrageous characters were less abrasive and they genuinely seemed united in achieving a common goal. When the Applewhites are fighting to save their home, they decide to open a school for the gifted. I thought the campers were spot-on. Loved that the twins were identified by their colors. Amused that the one was completely and to [...]

    20. I liked the first Applewhite's book very much. As a teacher it made a good class novel, with interesting characters, dual narrators, and challenging vocabulary. This one fell flat as a sequel. It was interesting enough, but weakly developed and I would give it to a much lower level reader than the first novel. Where did all of the great vocabulary go? This one really wouldn't work as a stand alone novel - you need the character development from the first one to make this story work, but the writ [...]

    21. My opinion of this book probably would have proved if I had started with the first in the series. Whoops. That being said, this book is a fairly easy, lighthearted read. I haven't read a lot of your adult/tween books recently so I am unable to compare it to others I do think it would compare favorably. The book skims the surface on a lot of things, typical for books aimed at a younger audience. I do feel that this takes just a little away from it's potential influence.It's good but not extraordi [...]

    22. A reasonable sequel to the first - I think I like best that the kids are allowed to figure things out on their own. In this story, Wit's End is still a place of barely contained chaos, but with six new kids, not just one. The six arrive to attend a summer camp for creative kids - and also to bail the Applewhites' out of a financial mess. E.D. is my favorite - far less prickly and obnoxious than her first appearance. She has always been the non-creative child, but discovers that her efficiency an [...]

    23. I never read the Surviving the Applewhites, but this companion stands up on its own. The Applewhites are an amusing family, and despite mention of modern conveniences such as cell phones, the whole story has an appealing old-fashioned feel. I felt that the characters in general lacked depth - there was so much going on that there was little room to really get to know them, but perhaps that's what comes from not knowing them from the first book. Additionally, the mystery was resolved just as the [...]

    24. I recently finished the book Applewhites at Wit's End by:) Stephanie S. Tolan. The main characters of this book are Jake Sempel, E.D. Applewhite, Destiny Applewhite, Randolph Applewhite, Lucille Applewhite, Sybil Applewhite, Winston the dog, Hal Applewhite, Cordelia Applewhite, Zedediah Applewhite, and Archie Applewhite. The pace of this book is fast. My favorite character is Lucille because shes always calm even in desperate situations. The genre of this book is realistic fiction. I was disappo [...]

    25. If you loved Surviving the Applewhites, you'll love this book too. To avoid economic disaster, the eccentric cast of creative Applewhites decide to open a summer camp, aptly called Eureka! Optimistically, they expect many Eureka moments. They do not expect a group of campers as wild and whacky as they are. Nor do they expect an evil inspector who threatens to shut down the camp. Fortunately E.D the organized Applewhite, Jake, the reformed juvenile delinquent, and the campers themselves join forc [...]

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