Pretty Bones

Pretty Bones Raine has a family good grades best friends and a boyfriend who loves her But then anorexia takes over and her life spirals out of control Her efforts to hide her condition are finished when she c

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  • Title: Pretty Bones
  • Author: Aya Tsintziras
  • ISBN: 9781552777121
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Raine has a family, good grades, best friends, and a boyfriend who loves her But then anorexia takes over, and her life spirals out of control Her efforts to hide her condition are finished when she collapses at a school dance Although she s whisked away to treatment, Raine isn t ready to accept who she really is and get the help she desperately needs For Raine, comingRaine has a family, good grades, best friends, and a boyfriend who loves her But then anorexia takes over, and her life spirals out of control Her efforts to hide her condition are finished when she collapses at a school dance Although she s whisked away to treatment, Raine isn t ready to accept who she really is and get the help she desperately needs For Raine, coming of age means coming closer to death.

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    1. Pretty Bones is a really quick read. The story moves very fast, but at the same time, not much happens throughout the whole book. There's a lot of jumping over periods of time, not addressing things that would be nice to see addressed, and way too many metaphors and similes. But the narrative was okay, the dialogue was okay, the story was okay.I feel like there's something missing from the story. There's an emotional depth that's just not there. The story makes you feel like you're coasting alon [...]

    2. I think that eating disorders and distorted body image is a very important thing to talk about, and I think that Ava handled it well in Pretty Bones. We saw the start, especially where Raine, the main character thought that she was in control of it and could stop when she wanted. Next we have the concerned friends, then the crash that after she keeps on with the disorder, and then the final wake up call where she wants to get help.What my problem was is I didn't see a new or unique twist, I felt [...]

    3. The name of the book is pretty bones by Aya Tsintziras, this book is about a girl named Raine , she has everything going on for her , great friends , good grades, a caring and loving boyfriend who would do anything for her , but there's one thing she doesn't like about herself, her body she wants to be "pretty" and for her being pretty means being thin , suddenly she's trapped in a world of coffee cups , scales , disapproving mirrors , and concerned looks.I think this is a pretty interesting boo [...]

    4. This was a short read. I wish the author went more into detail about certain things. It's like she skips important parts that should have been written. It was a bit interesting, but I didn't like it that much. I did like how it is a Canadian book, though.

    5. 4 and a half.Usually I stray away from books with this subject matter. Without being too vague, it's just something that I don't fancy reading about because it's pretty uncomfortable stuff. I had to give this book a chance though, especially after reading this blog post about how the idea of this story came to be.Pretty Bones is a frightening look into the mind of a teenage victim of anorexia. Although people may be quick to judge or express their complete confusion as to what could lead someone [...]

    6. For me, Pretty Bones was a bit tough to get through. On the one hand you have a character who gives the reader a glimpse into the mind of a normal girl who is battling anorexia. Raine is a person who has a fairly great life. She has a family who cares, she does well in school, and she has a support group of friends. In fact, Raine has it more together than most of the other characters I've read about lately. However, despite everything, Raine still feels out of control. So she turns to the one t [...]

    7. My take: Really, the synopsis was probably one of the shortest I’ve ever seen, however it grabbed me in the 2.5 seconds it took me to read it and I just knew I needed to read this book.All in all, there are a lot of aspects in this book that make you think of the typical teen world. Raine’s just this lost girl looking for her way, and in that, she ends up becoming anorexic. The worst thing possible for her happened when her father passed away, which led to her being more lost because her mot [...]

    8. Raine is 113 pounds. Her father passed away two years ago when she was 15, and she still has not figured out how to deal with the pain. Her mother has ignored her ever since, turning into the very definition of a “workaholic”. She has the best boyfriend and the two best friends in the whole world, but their lives seem so normal that there is no way they could ever understand what Raine deals with everyday. This short story is perfect for reluctant girl readers in grades 8-12 who enjoy realis [...]

    9. Raine is anorexic, but she won't admit it. Her father died 2 years ago, and her mother is more absent than home, so she strives to control her life by dieting. As she grows thinner, it's never enough, and she alienates her friends, boyfriend and family. When a new boy enters her life, things feel easier with him, so she grabs a chance to find some freedom and more control of her life. Most of the secondary characters are caricatures at best, and only there to help drive the tiny plot. Fairly acc [...]

    10. Good premise. Needed more fleshing out and development. I needed to be in Riane's head and wasn't. Didn't get her and didn't understand her. The narration of the book is kind on confusing and inconsistent. Overall it was a good idea and I liked the topic and the relationships, but it just needed to be worked on a little more.

    11. The first half of the book read like an after-school special, but the second half was slightly more interesting. There are so many good books about anorexia out there; read one of those (like Wintergirls) and skip this one.

    12. Interesting portrayal of a teen with anorexia. I think the plot was a little predictable and I would have liked a little more of the parent's story or even why a teacher or counselor never intervened. It would have rounded out the story. But I am sure my teen readers will like the short easy story and the tragedy.

    13. This is a truly depressing book throughout. All I'm going to say is that the ending nearly brought me to tears. Maybe that's just me but the message was so strong and it gives you a look at what can happen if you worry too much and take even one day for granted. This book was a super quick read but I definitely loved its perspective.

    14. YA -- LorimerSet in Toronto, this is an interesting look at anorexia and other teen issues. The female protagonist is stubborn and her inner monologue rings true. RL is 4.5 but this doesn't read so. I think many girls can relate to this short novel.

    15. Received this book at the OLA SuperConference. I was skeptical at first but I liked it. Having done research on anorexia, I would say it's a good account on how they think.

    16. The book had me in tears.Raine's issues was something most teenagers deal with today.The story explored the problems,the way to help yourself when your in denial and hurting yourself from the inner hurt.This is a great book!

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