Rumble on the Bayou

Rumble on the Bayou Deputy Dorie Berenger knew the day would go from bad to worse when she found a stoned alligator in the town drunk s swimming pool Then DEA agent Richard Starke shows up in Gator Bait Louisiana givin

  • Title: Rumble on the Bayou
  • Author: Jana Deleon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Deputy Dorie Berenger knew the day would go from bad to worse when she found a stoned alligator in the town drunk s swimming pool Then DEA agent Richard Starke shows up in Gator Bait, Louisiana, giving out orders and insults faster than you can cast a fishing line Dorie knows the residents of Gator Bait aren t going to talk to a stranger, especially a Yankee, but she stuDeputy Dorie Berenger knew the day would go from bad to worse when she found a stoned alligator in the town drunk s swimming pool Then DEA agent Richard Starke shows up in Gator Bait, Louisiana, giving out orders and insults faster than you can cast a fishing line Dorie knows the residents of Gator Bait aren t going to talk to a stranger, especially a Yankee, but she stuck with Richard until he catches his bad guy With no other alternative to restore peace to the small town, Dorie agrees to help Richard catch a criminal and in the process, uncovers decades of secrets that have been hiding deep in the Louisiana bayou Note This book is part of the author s backlist, originally released in print in 2009 by Dorchester Publishing

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    1. I started this one for my romance meeting thinking it would be a lighthearted romantic mystery similar to an Evanovich. Set in Louisiana, Dorie is an officer called in to do something about an alligator a citizen discovered lounging in her pool. Turns out the gator has a good grip on a backpack filled with drugs and money and as they remove it they also find a severed finger. Uh oh! Big time crime isn't something Dorie is used to and she's not looking forward to dealing with the big shot DEA's o [...]

    2. Deputy Dorie Berenger is called out to a local home to deal with a gator in the woman's pool. Turns out the gater is stoned on heroine found in the backpack in the gator's mouth. And there beings this tale of small town Louisiana and its residents. The law is Dorie and her friend-like-a-brother Joe, two deputies who play dumb and act smart and who tolerate the eccentricities in this town they love.In walks DEA agent Richard Starke on the trail of a long time criminal and killer. He stirs up a wh [...]

    3. This book was ok. That's really all I can say about it. The characters as set up were good, but at the end, they kind of devolved until they were acting out the preferred end of the author, not really what would really happen. The male lead had really no personality even though there was an attempt at it with his whole back story. The female characeter ended up at the end waiting for the guy to come get her and putting up only a token resistance to him arranging their whole future together witho [...]

    4. 3.5 starsI liked this debut novel from Ms DeLeon. The heroine was kick-ass and the hero was tough but had issues too. There were a few twists that I didn't see coming but it just made the story that much more interesting. The sex, or what there was of it, was okay and not that strong. At least, not as strong as some that I've read. I loved the secondary characters and especially got a kick out of Maylene. As far as the mystery goes, I guessed several characters throughout the book, and even gues [...]

    5. 3.5 stars. Dorie is called to a complaint of an alligator in a pool. Not an unusual occurrence in Louisiana but this pool is a full mile from any water and alligators don't usually expend that much effort. His alligator, though has a backpack full of heroin and money along with a finger in his mouth. The DEA shows up shortly after they run the fingers print. What has come to their quiet little backwater?

    6. Apesar de não ter apreciado muito a procura de um drug dealer que se escapa às autoridades há mais de 30 anos e cuja aparência física até é desconhecida, acabei por gostar bastante da forma como tudo terminou, daí as 4 estrelinhas.Também gostei do casal protagonista, Dorie e Richard "Dick" e ri-me com as peripécias deste homem da cidade acabado de chegar a uma pequena cidade do Louisianna.

    7. I picked this book up because the description of a gator high on heroin sounded so hilarious. It was a pretty good read, though. It gave a really fun look at small town life and the lengths people will go to protect themselves. The characters were totally over the top and fun. There were even a few interesting twists and turns along the way. A fun read.

    8. I found a copy of "Trouble in Mudbug" by this author and really liked it. So I thought I would give another book a try. This was a compelling mystery, which would have been sufficient. Instead it was clouded with too many details in the romance department.

    9. Fabulous!!One of the most entertaining books I've had the pleasure to read in a very long time ! Loved it !

    10. This book gives you a taste of life in an odd Louisiana town. The hero is DEA and a little on the dense side, but he gets is right in the end. My favorite mix of humor, sex and a little mystery.

    11. This is a book from the author's back list. It's not as wonderful as her Miss Fortune series but still great. Despite the author's signature style with fun, quirky characters, fictional Louisiana bayou small town and a successfull big city professional struggling to navigate the depths of culture shock in hicksville :-) this book is a little different. It was difficult for me to determine why. OK there's much more sexual tension and the two short graphic sex scenes (which I din't mind at all) an [...]

    12. My main problem with this book was the lack of character development. I mean, I guess I got a lot of facts about the characters but it was laid out in such a way that I didn't care about them. When the author says things like "oh when Dorie gets mad", I'm thinking who cares if Dorie is mad? Oh look now Joe is mad too, and her dad is mad over in the nursing home (someone's getting a whoopin'!)oh now Shelly's mad cause daddy in the nursing home is stirred up with his heart problems. The romance pa [...]

    13. Rumble in the bayouAnything that deLeon writes you will not be disappointed in reading she is absolutely one of my favorite authors along with janet evanovich and fern michaels her characters are quirky and hilarious characters you would fall in love with this story made me laugh and even cry finding out about detective berrenger biological father and the father who loved and raised her add in an fbi agent who turns her world upside down and the hilarious escapade they find themselves in trying [...]

    14. There was a romantic lead named Dick. It is everything that I have ever wanted in life.But really, this book was cute. The plot was engaging and fun and it kept me riveted.I did miss having some actual Louisiana type flavor to the book. Yes, it is set in a bayou but besides from one rather ridiculous character, there was no local energy to the book. Louisiana has its own culture that kind of permeates a lot, especially in rural areas and that was not emphasized at all. It felt like it could be s [...]

    15. It was okI mean, I finished it. The characters were a little too stereotypical for my taste. I'm not fond of books that call themselves mysteries, but are really romance novels. The mystery definitely takes a backseat. The outcome of the characters was all too predictable while the who dunnit was left pretty loose. All tied up at the end with a big red bow. Too sappy for me to be interested in any further books by this author.Oh, by the way, people sure do blow a breath out a lot in this book.

    16. No grumble about Rumble on the Bayou!Thoroughly enjoyed the story. Well written, never repetitive, and had plenty of action together with human interest to stop me from putting the story down.

    17. Really cute! Pleasantly surprised! Was prepared for a funny simple book to lighten up my thoughts when my usual murder mystery thriller books get to be intense. Great storyline, characters and surprise ending. Enjoyed it

    18. A Very Entertaining Read!Hilarious and heartwarming! Action packed and sweet family dynamics, if a little out of the ordinary. I feel in love with the bayou and the characters of Gator Bait. This imaginative book was an Adventure to my mind.

    19. Another good one from this authorI throughly enjoyed this book! I have read all Ms Deleon's Mudbug and Miss Fortune series and cannot wait for another one of her humorous, romantic mysteries. I am laughing one minute and tearing up the next. Jana, please keep them coming!

    20. Worth the readThe setting and story were interesting. One thingI thought I would scream someone "took in a breath" one more time. Did the editor not notice this phrase being used about 50 times throughout the book!?

    21. It all began with a stoned gatorLiterally! There were mangy moments that had me laughing out loud and others curious to see what trouble they got into next. Overall it was a cute story.

    22. What a fun book to read! Set in the small town of Gator Bait. Odd but interesting towns folk. Danger, mystery, romance - What more could you want!

    23. Great readThis is a page turner. You will enjoy the fast pace. It was light hearted and fun . Enjoy! Go for it!

    24. Enjoyed Rumble on the BayouAn enjoyable book and a "fun read"! My third book from this author and look forward to reading more of her books.

    25. AwesomeReminded me of the Miss Fortune series. Very enjoyable read. I liked Maylene's character. Would be hilarious if she got a story.

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