Lessness Poetry In LESSNESS everything is in ruins machines landscapes buildings bodies histories language In terse elegies and effaced text Lessness forces us to question the body and through it the st

Lessness Definition of Lessness by Merriam Webster Comments on lessness What made you want to look up lessness Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. Lessness Randomness, Consciousness and Meaning In Lessness, the totality of the possible provides the context for the actual piece Lessness is a reduction of the bewildering multitude of bewilderingly similar forms that it could have taken As Beckett himself put it Two birds in the bush are of infinitely greater value than one in the hand . lessness definition of lessness by The Free Dictionary There are, in the Oxford English Dictionary, words ending in lessness, from affectlessness to zeallessness, yet there are only ending in fulness, staring with Lessness work by Beckett Britannica The prose fragment Lessness consists of but sentences, each of which occurs twice His series Acts Without Words are exactly what the title denotes, and one of his last plays, Rockaby, lasts for minutes Such brevity is merely an expression of Beckett s determination to pare his Lessness by Samuel Beckett A rather intriguing book, though very short Reading it feels as if it should be read out loud, or performed, as the words seem to have a rhythm to them. lessness suffix Definition, pictures, pronunciation and Definition of lessness suffix in Oxford Advanced Learner s Dictionary Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. lessness Definition of lessness in English by Oxford Definition of lessness forming nouns corresponding to adjectives ending in less.

  • Title: Lessness
  • Author: Brian Henry
  • ISBN: 9781934103203
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poetry In LESSNESS everything is in ruins machines, landscapes, buildings, bodies, histories, language In terse elegies and effaced text, Lessness forces us to question the body, and through it the stability of the knowable All builds toward a lengthy, strangely gentle wreckage, where the surrender to inevitable infestations does not negate small triumphs.

    One thought on “Lessness”

    1. The poetry here is of a more post-modern cerebral variety, not so much providing emotional oomph, but rather more of an intellectually isn't that neat. Absence, what is unsaid, blankness, erasure, as the title implies is as important as the visible words on the page. Many of Henry's poems drift across the page in jagged lines, leaving visual white space abounds, while many other poems have words and phrases blacked out, omitted, and still others feature lines crossed out by still visible. What i [...]

    2. The poems in this book are divided into four sections. I didn't care for the first two. There were lots of redactions, odd enjambments and other devices that, for the most part, didn't meaningfully enhance the poems. If anything, they seemed to have been added just to make the poems seem edgier. The third section was a home run. Henry starts off with a maniacally subversive "Aubade" and the collection climaxes with the forceful "Even / Even." The fourth section, mostly sound poetry, was hit-or-m [...]

    3. Poetry books lead to almost impressionistic reviews. This book deals with the concept of things decaying, disappearing, loss. The pages are filled with space, words are crossed or blotted out. The poetry itself seems to be devolving. Really well done, the language is powerfully compressed and at times beautiful. Overall, more accessible than much of modern poetry and worth seeking out!

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