Extraordinary Chickens

Extraordinary Chickens An introduction to the world of exotic ornamental chickens The book contains photographs of chickens of all shapes and sizes including the Bearded Silkie the crested Polish and the majestic Phoenix

  • Title: Extraordinary Chickens
  • Author: Stephen Green-Armytage
  • ISBN: 9780810933439
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An introduction to the world of exotic ornamental chickens The book contains photographs of chickens of all shapes and sizes, including the Bearded Silkie, the crested Polish and the majestic Phoenix.

    One thought on “Extraordinary Chickens”

    1. I was in Kew Gardens, in London, with my son and there were quite a few totally-unafraid golden pheasants doing their courting around our feet. I was so impressed by the primary-coloured beauty of them I got the book Extraordinary Pheasants. That was such a beautiful book covering the whole range of pheasants including peacocks that I got this book, Extraordinary Chickens.Totally different book. Its just as well photographed but its almost a humorous book, the chickens are so incredibly silly-lo [...]

    2. You won't find these chickens at Kentucky Fried, nor at Tyson Farms.And you definitely won't find them on my smoker.youtube/watch?v=UPM7jGThese beautiful birds are members of fancy breeds.They have been cleaned up to the point that they almost don't look like chickens. Many are very unique. Some look like they are ready for Hollywood. And some may remind you of your husband's family members.

    3. I just love chickens - they are beautiful and fascinating creatures. This book showcases exotic chickens. These unusual birds are breed to develop certain characteristics. In addition to beautiful photographs there is interesting information about the different breeds. My favorites were the Friesian Lemon Penciled, Appenzeller Spitzhauben (golden soangled hen), and Sebrught silver hen. Most of the photographs were of the male of a breed. I often preferred the hens. Someday I'll own some chickens [...]

    4. Beautiful fancy chicks and chickens. Any aficionado of chickens would LOVE this book.Breeds and types are shown. Great photos! I'll be using it as a sketch reference.

    5. It's probably fair to say there are a lot more types of chickens out there than you realize. I've been to county and state fairs, so I'd seen some of these, but there are so many more crazy varieties out there.If you look at the "Legs, feet, and spurs" section on pages 64-65, you'll see the dinosaur connection. Also a Leghorn is a type of chicken (think Foghorn Leghorn).I like the ones with patterned or frizzled feathers.A fun book to flip through with more information about the breeds if you're [...]

    6. The title is completely self-explanatory. If you like looking at lovely photographs of all the amazing varieties of chickens -- sleek orange ones! ones with feathery bell-bottoms! big fluffy white ones that look like Pomeranians! -- then you will obviously love this book. If you are not interested in fancy chickens, I cannot imagine why you would even pick this book up. I mean, it's right there on the cover.

    7. You know when you have enough time before cinema and you go to a bookstore next door? When I saw this book I had that feeling when you want to squeeze these featherish creatures and elope with them to your home. And then say to people, yes, aha, this is a chicken, no, no, really it is.

    8. This is a very fun picture book. Chickens can be really cool looking. There is a sequel. Both books are full of great pictures of great looking chickens.

    9. Very cool pictures chickens with outré feathers. One can barely believe the diversity. For artists, farmers, and style fops of every stripe. This book is for you.

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