A Sign For Cain: An Exploration Of Human Violence

A Sign For Cain An Exploration Of Human Violence None

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  • Title: A Sign For Cain: An Exploration Of Human Violence
  • Author: Fredric Wertham
  • ISBN: 9780446762229
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • None

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    1. Yes, it’s that Fredric Wertham, the villain of David Hajdu’s The Ten Cent Plague. For posterity, his name seems destined to be associated with the crime and horror comics he was instrumental in suppressing in the 1950s. Finding this book at a used book sale last week, I was curious enough about the man and his ideas to pick it up and read it. In this book on the problem of violence in human society, Dr. Wertham shows himself a believer in a version what Anthony Burgess called the “Pelagian [...]

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