Troll Fell

Troll Fell Bearing all the markings of a truely classic novel Troll Fell is an exciting adventure filled tale of Peer his evil uncles treasure and wicked trolls

  • Title: Troll Fell
  • Author: Katherine Langrish
  • ISBN: 9780007170722
  • Page: 311
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bearing all the markings of a truely classic novel, Troll Fell, is an exciting adventure filled tale of Peer, his evil uncles, treasure and wicked trolls.

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    1. My thoughts: After stumbling through Icarceron, I was really in the mood for something less ambiguous. I was looking for a fun, exciting but comprehendible read, and boy did I find one! Troll Fell, the first book in the Troll Trilogy by Katherine Langrish, has all the ingredients for being an awesome fantasy series. There’s a simple plot filled with exciting action, memorable characters (including two near-perfect MCs, Peer and Hilde) a good dose of mythology and folklore, and a great ending. [...]

    2. I was really disappointed with this book. If it was meant for young preteens it's a little dark. It addresses family abuse both mental and physical, death, theft, and selfishness. That was all in the first chapter and it didn't get better at any point. There was really no lightheartedness to help the mood of the book and enable the reader to have hope for the protagonist. Now the protagonist, who is 12 years old, is one of the dumbest and cowardly kids I have read about. Even my own children who [...]

    3. Troll Fell is a wonderful book that, while having it's roots in Nordic folklore, it pays homage more to the fairy tales of The Brothers Grimm and to Darby O'Gill and the Good People by Herminie Templeton Kavanagh. It's an exciting fantastical adventure story of Peer Ulfsson and his dog, Loki, and his frightening twin uncles Baldur and Grim Grimsson, their ferocious dog, Grendel, and their whimsical involvement with the trolls of Troll Fell. Katherine Langrish is a smooth storyteller who mixes th [...]

    4. This novel opens at the funeral of Peer Ulfsson's father. Comforted by his friends and neighbours at Hammerhaven, where his father was a carpenter, Peer is shocked when his horrible uncle Baldur Grimsson turns up to take him to his mill at Troll Fell. At first Peer is ill treated and kept short of food as he does all the chores at the mill and farm, but then he finds that Baldur and his twin brother Grim, greedily obsessed with the trolls' gold, have a more sinister plan for Peer and his friend [...]

    5. This was a delightful book. Based in Norse culture and mythology, this is the story of twelve-year-old Peer Ulfsson, whose father has just died. He is whisked into the care of his gigantic, disgusting, greedy, conniving twin uncles, who intend to sell him to the Trolls who live under the mountain for a pile of gold. He must befriend Hilde, a girl who live further up in Troll Fell and find a way to keep himself from becoming enslaved to the Trolls forever.Really this book was a fairy tale. It bre [...]

    6. Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my YouTube channel: youtube/channel/UCferPeer Ulfsson's father just passed away when he is whisked away from everything he loves by his two terrible uncles Baldur and Grim. When Peer discovers that they're planning on selling himself and his new friend, Hilde, as slaves to the trolls, he needs to come up with a plan to stop them before it's to late. The book was a fast read, definitely targeted at a younger audience. I was hoping for more trolls [...]

    7. When Peer Ulffson's father dies, his two uncles that he never knew of, Uncle Baulder and Uncle Grim, barge in at the funeral and take Peer to work for them on there mill. Peer thinks that his life couldnt of gotten anyworse until he meets the bestest friend he ever had, Hilde. On mid-winter, the gaffer of Trollfell and the king of Dorvefell's gaughters and sons get married to each other and they want two human servants, and Uncle Baulder and Uncle Grim decide to steal Hilde's

    8. My mom has been recommending Troll Fell to me for ages, and I finally got around to it. I enjoyed it, but it did not live up to the high expectations my mother set. The dialogue was awkward and the protagonist was annoying to me. I loved the plot, descriptions, and creatures, but overall the book was enjoyable but not a favorite of mine.Troll Fell is the story of Peer Ulfsson, who is forced to live with his horrid uncles after his father's death. He discovers that his uncles are trying to trade [...]

    9. This is a fun story about a courageous boy and girl, two nasty uncles, and some mischievous trolls. I thought it was a standalone but have learned it is a trilogy. I liked this well enough to pursue the others. Recommend to approx. ages 8-12 and adults who enjoy magical reads.

    10. Charming. Suspension of disbelief in many places besides the magic (in fact, the Nis was one of the most believable elements, somehow), but I thorough, thoroughly enjoyed myself on this one! Practically devoured it.

    11. Troll Fell was an amazing book. I didn't like putting it down because of how unpredictable it is. It is full of adventure, it changes a lot, and it never gets boring. I would definatly recommend it to young adults who like that type of book. The book Troll Fell takes place in an area called Troll Fell. It is in the mountains next to the sea. A big part of the story is the trolls in the hill, so the story could not take place anywhere else. One of the main parts of the story is that the trolls st [...]

    12. I thought that this was a magical story of someone being thrown into cruel hands, fighting bravely, and getting a happy ending. I'm wondering whether Hilde's parents considered the possible implications of allowing a boy she liked (as a friend, so far) to live with them, but it's still a great book!

    13. The book opens at a funeral. Peer's father has just died after completing a new longboat. Before the funeral is even over, Peer's uncle shows up to claim Peer and any money or valuables left to take off with him to Troll Fell. Peer has no choice but to move in with his two cruel uncles, who treat him as a servant, sometimes remember to feed him, and hit him whenever they feel like it. Peer's only friend on the place, and it's a unpredictable friend too, is a sort of house spirit called a Nis. In [...]

    14. Any book that is based on Norse mythology is a winner with me, and Katherine Langrish's Troll Fell (the first in a trilogy) offered up pretty much everything i like in a book. It's a shame Greek mythology gets all the attention when Norse is just as cool and interesting. But now Norse gets a chance in this first book in the Troll trilogy - and it's a great read. In a style akin to Alan Garner, Langrish writes a vivid world to set her story in. It's easy to imagine and become lost in the harsh we [...]

    15. On the whole, this was neither a fabulous nor a terrible book. It was not at all the kind of story I expected it to be, but this is not inherently a reason to dislike it. I did struggle to understand the intended audience, though again that is not necessarily a reason to fault the book/author. I generally expected a children's story about running off to discover trolls and their gold and have fairytale adventures without the adults ruining all the fun. But instead there was a lovely undertone of [...]

    16. This is the kind of book I like best.Peer has no time to grieve over his father's sudden death. His cruel uncle shows up at the funeral, claims Peer and all his father's property, and drags the boy back to the dismal mill which he shares with Peer's other uncle, his equally nasty twin. Half-starved and forced to do all the work around the place, it doesn't seem it can get any worse for poor Peer.Then Peer learns his uncles have plans for him. They've bargained with the Troll King to provide a hu [...]

    17. In Troll Fell, Katherine Langrish creates an ancient Norse setting that is both eerily familiar and strikingly strange. It is a sparsely populated world inhabited by human characters as varied as any we might find in our own lives, and by trolls and other beings from Norse legend and myth.Peer is a boy on the verge of manhood. He is alone in the world except for two hideous uncles. The degradations to which they submit Peer, and the courage and humility with which he faces them, make him a stron [...]

    18. Troll Fell is about a boy named Peer whos father just died, and his uncles take him to their mill in Troll Fell, a place full of trolls and other soon to be explained mysteries. The setting is in Troll Fell and the main character is Peer. Peer's main external conflict is him having to deal with his two mean uncles. They always bully him and they make him work all day with little food. Peer's main internal is, him being afraid that his uncles might take him to the Gaffer, a troll who is very scar [...]

    19. I read this book to my kids, ages five and eight, at the time, and, well, the five-yr-old drifted away, but he does with almost any book. The girl and I read through to the end, and I really enjoyed this book. Often, books written for kids and tweens fall short of the kind of quality, not necessarily in story quality or character development, but in the craft itself, that I like to read, and this is very discouraging. When my kids read a book, I want them to be reading something that will teach [...]

    20. This was mediocre at best. I tend to read a YA book along with whatever else I am currently reading and for some reason the author's writing style turned this into a slog that ended up taking me more time to read than most adult novels. It doesn't flow well and suffers from her desire to use at least 2 superfluous adjectives in every sentence. Luckily she must have grown tired of using all of the extra useless fluff about halfway through and the readability improves from there onward. The story [...]

    21. So I didn't exactly finish the book because it was overdue, but I didn't feel a need to. There were some good parts that I did like, but some things made it so I didn't really care for the book. For example, the main character, Peer, complained too much, and often acted out of character. I was given the impression that he was sort of quiet and a bunch of sad things were happening to him so he just sat there being sad. But then he'd make a cheeky remark or comeback to his Uncles that was totally [...]

    22. A fun idea. I'm a decades-long fan of fantasy that involves adolescents facing trials, trials that may involve defeating big and small powers of evil using only the wits they were born with, the power that lies in friendship, and perhaps the help of something just a bit fey. Lloyd Alexander's Prydain Chronicles, for example, are marvelous examples of this genre.In Troll Fell, however, I found too little depth to become deeply engaged. The bad guys were too simply drawn--unremittingly abusive and [...]

    23. Como li em português (A Montanha dos Trolls, editora Record, com alguns erros editoriais e nunca de lançar o volume 2), vejamosEste é mais um livro sobre um órfão, Peer Ulfsson, mas com pitadas de mitologia nórdica; tudo o que o deus Baldur tem de bondade, um dos tios da personagem principal é o oposto; juntamente com o outro tio, eles dois se parecem mais com trolls do que a descrição que temos no livro dessas criaturasPeer desenvolve uma amizade com Hilde, filha dos vizinhos dos tios [...]

    24. Troll Fell was a god book about bad uncles taking advantage of their family members and other people. Uncle Baldur and Uncle Grim take their brother's son Peer to their mill in Troll Fell. Uncle Baldur And Uncle Grim are very greedy and unfair people because when Hildle's Father Ralf left on the boat that Peer and His father built Hildle says that sshe feel sorry for Peer because he has to live with such torturous people. Uncle Baldur and Uncle Grim make peer do a lot of hard work around the far [...]

    25. I was browsing the library shelves and stumbled upon this book. With my norwegian viking heritage, I had to check it out. As I read the book, I felt excitement as I visualized the fjords of Norway and the landscape, climate and environs of Scandinavia. And then their is the little troll, with long nose, fury head and tail, that sits on my mantle next to my viking long boat, laughing at me as I read about the Hall of the Mountain King. The description in the book was vivid and realistic and the s [...]

    26. This is book two of the trilogy and takes place a few years after the first. It is more of a coming of age story. Our hero has grown and as typical of most teenage boys is frustrated by a girl. He sets out to impress her and discovers a sinister plot. With her help, he foils the plot and learns a valuable life lesson; if you want a woman to be interested in you, you're going to have to work at it. A lot. Life lessons aside, this book touches on another aspect of mythology that is at best briefly [...]

    27. I finished this book because I hate not to finish a book unless its terrible, but it was a struggle. The story was mildly interesting, but the author's descriptions were way too over the top. It felt like she was beating me over the head page after page with the fact that the setting was dark, scary, and spooky. Felt like she didn't trust the reader to pick up on more subtle hints. I realize this is written for children, but still, it was too much. Also, some of the events were pretty unbelievab [...]

    28. landeincantate/la-rupe-La Rupe dei Troll è un romanzo divertente e senza troppe pretese. Se siete disposti a passare sopra lo stile un po’ traballante, potrete sicuramente goderne la lettura. Il finale è molto simpatico, e la soluzione trovata da Peer ingegnosa. Infine, l’epilogo lascia aperte molte possibilità.Lo consiglio come lettura spassionata: alla fine mi è rimasta la piacevole sensazione di dire addio a dei cari amici a cui mi ero affezionato.

    29. Well, this is about much more than Vikings |x Fiction. Hopefully a library that owns this book will update the OCLC record.Troll fell makes use of Scandinavian mythology and history, bringing it to life through story. And story is history and mythology. The book is also about family and doing what is right even when it is hard. So I would recommend this to young adults who enjoy a bit of fantasy with their history. For adults it might be a bit juvenile but still fun.Whichever category you fall i [...]

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